Amazing Automated Makeup Brush Cleaners

Amazing Automated Makeup Brush Cleaners

Makeup Brush Cleaners

Hey, beautiful!!! Welcome!  Today we are here to share with you a new stuff that is released into the market.  Are you excited to know what is it?  Then just fly a kite into our article with your beautiful eyes.  Before getting into the article, we want to ask you few questions.  How do you clean your makeup brushes?  Do you clean them regularly, or rarely?  Do you know what happens when we use the same brush multiple times without cleaning? 

Our questions are done.  You don’t need to answer us, but make sure you question yourself whether you are perfect with your makeup brushes.  Putting makeup is a mandatory for women who are in celluloid field.  Women who generally go to work also make certain to put some makeup on, but here we are not talking about who are putting makeup and who are not putting it, our main focus is on how many of you people are really cleaning your makeup brushes regularly.

On olden days, there are not many makeup kits and not so many brushes for putting each and every minute makeup on, now we have a brush for every minute thing and the makeup looks perfect and pro only when it is done with the brush that is designed for the purpose is used.  We normally clean our face when we reach home or before going to bed.  We do care a lot about our face and put our efforts into making it look good, but forget that the culprit could be none other than us.  This is because we ignore to clean the brushes that we use every day, which ultimately makes us the culprit of spoiling our face with usage of uncleaned and bacteria-filled brushes. 

This is the common mistake that most of the women do.  They do keep their 100% efforts on making their face look good, but ignore to take care of the one that is actually responsible for making us look good before the world.  Just go and check how your brushes are now.  They would have been filled with full of powder, liquids, dust whatnot, every possible bacteria would have been residing in their in your brushes by making beautiful huts inside. 

You may have many excuses about why you haven’t cleaned your brush, but remember those excuses will target you if you literally use the same bacteria accumulated brushes.  So what we are saying is you may not have time to sit and wash them, but I guess you have time to switch on and switch off a machine if given, right?  So in order to help you with your brush cleaning and to make your brush cleaning regimen easy and time saving there comes a savior for you and it is nothing but BrushPearl, which is an automated makeup brush cleaner. 

Automated makeup brush cleaner

This automated makeup brush cleaner is a bit wonder to watch.  It cleans the brushes in no time and it is not so expensive for ones who believe that time is money.  If you have lot of makeup brushes at your home, which are uncleaned form days then the best choice for you is ultimately this automated brush cleaner.  If you are clean freak then you can also cast your vote to this machine because it really works magically in cleaning the brushes.  It takes sound waves as input and vibrate the brushes in such a way that all the dirt from the brushes simply washes off. 

How to use BrushPearl?

This automated machine should be first filled with warm water and you should add some sort of cleanser to the water to clean the brushes.  The machine indicates to what extent the water can be filled, make sure not to fill above the line.  Now put the brushes into the machine form the top.  The machine is provided with different sized slots into which you can just place your brush into.  Depending on the size of the brush you have to choose the slot and place it in.  The bristles of the brush should not touch the base of the machine because the bristles won’t make a move if they are in contact with the bottom of the machine.  Brushes which fall into medium and large category fit perfectly into the slots provided by this machine. 

Time settings

The machine is in-built with a timer, which needs to be set before performing the action of cleaning.  The machine offers five different cleaning times ranging from 90 seconds to 10 minutes.  If you are cleaning your brushes for the first time make sure to go for two or three cycles of cleaning.  For later cleaning you can go for short periods. 

Once the timer has been stopped reaching the time you have set for cleaning you can open it and see the dust and makeup product from the brushes accumulated into the water and is floating under water.  As I said earlier, one sitting is not enough you have to repeat the process depending on the status of your brush and how clean it is.  Refill the machine with fresh warm water and add cleaner and again place the brushes and set the time. 

Dry the brushes

Cleaning the brushes primarily includes two important steps; one is cleaning and second is drying.  If you don’t dry the brush after cleaning, you can experience more bad results compared with just by using the same old overused brush on your face.  First of all use a dry towel to squeeze out the water from the brushes and place all the brushes in standing position.  If you place your brushes flatly they would never dry.  Leave them in the standing position overnight and by morning you can as usually start using your perfectly cleaned brushes.

You may not get the perfect results while you are using this machine for the first time, but it is not something that is difficult to get.  As I said earlier, if you have overflowing money and if you believe that your time is more precious than money then this is the best machine you can buy ever to clean your brushes.  







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