At Home Eye Primer Making

At Home Eye Primer Making

Eye premiers are not used by many as they don’t know the exact use of them.  Women love to put on makeup and try out all the new cosmetics that are released into the market that has received good review and applause from the crowds.  Eye makeup plays a vital role in the entire makeup of the face.  It is very important to put on perfect eye makeup to complement the look of the face.  Eye premiere pretty much provides good eye makeup and the eye makeup lasts for a long time with the help of perfect eye premier. 

At-Home Eye Premier Making

What is the role of an eye premier in eye makeup?

Eye Premier acts as a foundation for the eye makeup.  You must be aware of the importance of a foundation in the entire makeup.  Without a proper foundation, the entire makeup holds no significance and creates no good impact.  A premier lets the eye makeup stay for a long time without any signs of creasing or fading out.  If you have to attend a party where you want your makeup to stay for a long time then make sure you use an eye premier. 

The eye premiers available in the market are quite expensive and are chemicals-filled.  It is not possible for everyone to empty their pocket money for the sake of purchasing the eye premiers and the chemical filled eye premiers literally would affect the eyes in many ways.  So why don’t we DIY it?  Yes!  It is very easy to DIY your our one eye premier by sitting at home.  You no need to rush to the stores in order to buy the ingredients to make this eye premier at home.  The ingredients we are going to use to prepare an eye premier are very much available at homes. 

The eye premier is a base of the entire eye makeup you are going to put.  So the base should be so very perfect that it should hold the entire eye makeup for a long time without any signs of fading out.  The ingredients we use to make the eye premier base play an important role and decide the quality of the base and time that the entire eye makeup holds.  Let us see how to make a perfect eye premier at home.  The ingredients are listed out below.





Aloe Vera Gel



The eye foundation or eye premier is intended to control the oil and to make the eye shadow makeup look perfect.  The water based eye premier is a perfect one as it has more pros than other ones.  It is to very obvious that we prefer the one that has more pros.  The first and foremost thing that we make sure that our at-home eye premier should not have is chemicals.  No use of any chemicals itself makes it perfect to use. 

There are many awesome working eye premiers in the market that are released by branded, but they are full of chemicals and are quite expensive.  We prefer not to go for such expensive and chemical filled eye products and so came up with exciting at-home eye premier making.

When you are done with collecting all the ingredients that we have listed out above then you are ready for the action now.  Let us see the recipe of making at-home eye premier.

At-home eye premier making

Take a clean container and fill the container to half with the equal amounts of moisturizer, foundation, and concealer.  You can use your face moisturizer that you use daily.  Make sure your moisturizer is fragrance-free so that your eye premier won’t end up in a new fragrance with the mixing of different ingredients that turns out as a bad fragrance.  The moisturizer is used in the eye premier to keep the eyelids hydrated. 

Mix all the ingredients absolutely well in such a way that they form a fine cream so that there are no clumps left in the mixture.

Now add 1/4th part of aloe vera gel to the above-made mix.  Aloe vera gel is used because it prevents any signs of oiliness on the eyelids and thus prevents any sort of fading out of the eye makeup.

If you have dry eyelids make sure to use a vitamin E capsule.  This capsule will help keep the eyelids hydrated for a long time without getting dried out.  Don’t give it a try if you have oily eyelids.

Store this eye premier in a good container and you are ready to use it.

You are done with the process of making your own eye premier at home with the very much available ingredients.  This at-home eye premier is very much cost effective and is chemical-free.  You no need to use huge amounts of this eye premier in order to hold the eye make up for a long time.  Just a bit is more than enough to do so.  This premier will prevent your eyeshadow from creasing and fade out fast.  It won’t create any unfamiliar or cakey makeup to your eyes.  If you are an eyeshadow lover then make sure to use this homemade premier.  If you don’t use a premier before putting eyeshadow, your eye makes looks incomplete and ineffective. 

Even if you are just using a pencil or liner on your eyelids as eye makeup make sure put some eye premier on your eyelids to give effective look to your eyes.  You don’t feel heavy at your eyes by applying this eye premier.  It is light and causes no discomfort in putting it carrying it.  This eye premier holds the entire eye makeup for about 8 hours, which is quite a long time we say.  You can notice the difference of eyeshadow with and without eye premier.  It is the best way to notice the difference and to know the significance of an eye premier. 

So make certain you prepare your own eye premier at home with the ingredients we have mentioned.  Don’t skip using any of the ingredients while making the premier.  The more effectively you make it the more effective look it gives to your eyes.







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