At-Home Nail Buffing Techniques

At-Home Nail Buffing Techniques

Women usually care a lot about their body.  They do everything possible at hand to look beautiful. They work on their body, hair, shape, face etc, but not all women pays attention on their nails.  It is the quite common mistake that most of the women do.  They tend to pay attention for everything, but fail to do the same with their nails, which ultimately results in unhealthy and lifeless nails.  There are many techniques to make the nails healthy, stronger and beautiful to look at.  One such best technique that most of us go through regularly is manicures.  Manicure is the best way to beauty hands and nails, but in order to spark the nails to the core you have to go for another technique called buffing.

At-Home Nail Buffing Techniques

Nail buffing is a part of manicure that includes polishing of nails, which in turn gives sheen and life to the nails.  You no need to go to the salon for nail buffing every time.  It can be done at home with the help of buffing tools.  There are various types of buffing tools used to perform buffing.  If you are aware of their usage then you are half done.  The process of buffing is very easy if you know how to handle the buffing tools.

Nail buffing tools

Emery Board

This nail buffing tool can be used to polish the surface of the nails.  The emery boards are available in rectangular shape with rounded edges.  You can also use this tool shape the nail.

Nail buffer board

This nail buffing tool will just work as a nail file.  It is made of fine-grade sand-paper, which helps in softening the rough edges of the nails.

Not just these buffer boards, but also there are buffing tools that are smaller than these boards.  You can carry them with you in your handbag and are very easy to handle.

Nail buffing blocks

These buffing block tools are three-dimensional blocks that are rectangular in shape.  Each side of the block is made of different texture on each side, which helps to level out and smooth the rough edges of the nails and add polish to the nails.

Nail buffer strips 

Nail buffer strips are papery strips that are made of sand-paper and used to buff the nails. 

What exactly buffing do?

Buffing helps in smoothing the ridges on the surface of the nails and polishes your nails to the core.

Biffing works as nail filing and even outs the edges of the nails.

Buffing will help you remove dead surface skin and makes your nails smoother.

Promote good blood circulation to the nail bed, which ultimately improves nail growth and also improves the nail health.

Buffing will give shine to the nails and you no need to paint your nails with a base coat of nail color to keep your nails shining. 

What exactly buffing won’t do?

You can’t use the nail buffer to shape your nails.  Nail buffers are soft surfaced and can’t do the work of a nail filer. 

Nail buffer won’t remove the harder surface of the nail and the stains on the nail with just one use.  You have to do nail buffing two or three times to get the best results. 

Few people who are unaware of what exactly buffing do go for over buffing thinking that their nails would turn pinkish, which is not at all true.  Buffing the nails will definitely increases the blood flow because of which the nails will look pink, but it won’t change the entire color of the nail to pink. 

You cannot remove cuticles with the help of a buffer in the buffing process.  You have to use a cuticle remover to do so.  You need to first apply cuticle cream to soften the cuticles and then remove them with the help of a cuticle remover.

How to do at-home nail buffing?

First of all clean your nails with a nail polish remover in order to clear the traces of old nail polish from your nails.

Take the help of nail clippers to clip your nails as per your desired size.  With the help of the nail filer or with the help of emery board shape and file the nails in the shape you want them to be.  There are varieties of shape of nails and oval shaped nails looks good comparatively.

Take the buffing tool with which you want to buff your nails with.  Start buffing your nails one by one in the same direction.  Make sure to even out all the nails and edges.  Don’t buff your nails more than four or five times.  This process will clear out larger ridges.

Wipe your nails with a soft cotton cloth.

Now in order to smooth out your nails start buffing your nails once again in the same direction.  To give the smooth finish to the nails surface do circular motions or fluid liner motions on the nails.  Don’t go for more than seven or eight strokes for each nail.

Now use superficial motions on the nails to give the touch of sheen to the nails.  Do this step in 12 strokes.

Wipe your nails with a soft cotton cloth again and you can witness the shining nails.  You can see absolute smooth nails after buffing your nails.

Don’t go for buffing your nails if your nails are brittle nails, if you have thin and bendy nails and if your nails are chipped.

Buffing is a process which should be done only after you are done with smoothing out the surface of your nails by using either a nail clipper or a filer.

Points to remember while buffing:

Let your nails dry before going for buffing as they may see breakage in the process of buffing if they are wet.

Don’t go for buffing more than once in a month.  Over buffing may result in brittle nails.

Do gentle buffing in the same direction always.  Don’t buff in opposite direction or wrong motion, it may worsen your nails.

Don’t perform buffing harshly.  If you feel like having burning sensation or redness on the nails then it is clear that are doing it harshly.  Just stop doing buffing immediately.

So these are the tips and techniques to perform at-home nail buffing.  Hope you enjoyed reading.  I am certain that you will enjoy doing it too.  Happy nail buffing!!!







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