Best Makeup Tips For Older Women That Go A Long Way

Best Makeup Tips For Older Women That Go A Long Way

As we age the skin loses its elasticity as well as its youthfulness.  As we all know no one can stop the age, all we can do is just pause it for a while with the help of healthy diet and good workout routines.  Other than that we cannot take a step further when it comes to age factor. 

Women generally use makeup in order to cover the flaws if any and to enhance their looks and that is the limitation of makeup, it can never cover up the age.  Even though it covers up to some extent, you will not look years younger than you are right now.  It is quite common that even though we age and our skin gets older with us we want to look young, of course, that is not a sin to dream about. 

We can never get back the youthful glow into our face once we are past the age of being youthful.  Women who hit the 40s and 50s should always keep mind that they cannot look younger than they are (at least not years younger), but they can look absolutely stunning and beautiful if they use perfect makeup as per their age. 

Best Makeup Tips For Older Women That Go A Long Way

There are no particular makeup kits that are launched or released into the market particularly for women who hit their 50s.  It is just that the way you put your makeup differs.  There are many women who put wrong makeup that absolutely makes them look unattractive and even more aged than they actually are.  So there is an absolute need to know the basis of putting makeup in order to look best in your age.  We have briefed the makeup tips for older beauties.  Go through them and learn how to put perfect makeup at your age.

Right blush

If you are willing to put up some blush to your cheeks then make sure you go for blushes that are perfect for your skin of your age.  You should not look odd with the blush on your face.  So you have to pay attention while choosing the blush itself.  The shade of the blush plays an important role in your entire makeup, so choosing wrong blush may result in an odd look.  In order to choose right blush for your cheeks just pinch your cheeks a bit and observe what color is popping out.  Go for a blush shade that matches with your pinched cheeks shade.  Don’t overdo the blush, but put it in the best way all over your cheeks.  

Foundation does matter a lot

The foundation you put on also works wonders in giving you the stunning look.  Again there are lots of foundation shades from which we have to pick the right one that fits the bill.  If you choose a wrong foundation that is a big mismatch to your skin tone then your face would look cakey with overflowing shade.  You should always pick shades that belong to natural shades category to avoid any signs of cakey-ness on your face.  

If you choose a wrong foundation shade your neck and face will have worlds of difference in shades.  Choose the right foundation shade that blends well with your skin tone.  In order to do that, take a foundation that you think is very much near to your skin tone and apply some foundation on your nose to know whether the shade is perfect for your skin tone. This would help you a great deal in picking up the right foundation shade that suits your skin tone.

Eye makeup is must

If you are set to put some makeup on your face, eye makeup is a must.  You just can’t turn a blind eye to eye makeup while highlighting all other parts of the face.  Your eyes speak a lot, they will stand out in the best way if you give them perfect touch up.  Eye makeup is not just about putting a simple eye liner on the bottom eyelids or simple mascara and skip out upper ones. 

You have to color your eyes both upper and lower eyelids in order to make them look attractive.  The eyeliner and the lash liner should always match with each other.  Your eyelashes look absolutely stunning with the bright eyeliner on them.  If you want your eyelashes to appear thicker and bright then go for two or three applications.  Cover the entire eyelashes from the one corner to the other without leaving any sections. 

Lip color for you

The lip color also makes a big difference in your entire makeup.  The best color you choose to color your lips with the best you look.  You have to choose the right color that goes well with your entire makeup as well as your age.  As I said earlier there are no particular lip colors that are made for older beauties.  The way you put on the perfect lip color makes a big difference to your entire look. 

In order to give a polished look to your lips, you have to first start with outlining your lips.  Make sure color the pencil you are using for outlining your lips blend well with the lip color you are going to put.  When you are done with outlining put some shimmery light yellow to your light lipstick.  Now go for light pink, peach, or a light shaded red lipstick.  You can also add some lip balm for shining lips. 

Add some color to your eyebrows

The hair from the eyebrows fall and they get light colored with age.  So in order to cover up the loss, you have to use perfect shades to color your brows.  You can color your eyebrows with the color you color your hair, but don’t overdo it as it may result in over fall or may make your face look dull.  Your brows contribute a lot in making you look young.  So pay some attention for them while putting perfect eyebrow shade. 

So these are the little things that need to be taken care of in order to look stunning and beautiful at your age.  Do follow them and enhance your looks and number of stares.







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