Best Natural Face Exfoliator Using Rice

Best Natural Face Exfoliator Using Rice

Exfoliating the skin is very much followed and suggested a thing to do with most of the salon pros.  Exfoliating will shed off the unwanted dirt that is stored on the skin in the form of dead skin and dead skin cells.  In order to have healthy and glowing skin exfoliating is a must to do.  Our skin gets prone to dirt, bacteria, and germs very easily because of the polluted environment we are living in. 

So there is an absolute need to protect our skin from the dirt and other things from affecting our skin badly.  There are plenty of exfoliators available in the market these days.  These exfoliators, of course, will help our skin get back to its normal form to some extent, but cannot go a further step than that.  As most of the market-available exfoliators are made of chemicals they may affect sensitive skins.

Best Natural Face Exfoliator Using Rice

So it is better to go for products that are chemical free.  Herbal products are our next option.  Even though herbal products do not use any sort of chemicals in them, they won’t go well with all skin types.  Few people may have allergy or irritation by using those herbal products.  So our last, but not the least option is DIY homemade face exfoliator. 

The things that are obtained from the earth and from nature never act harshly towards our skin.  They do magic with their magical features and help us get rid of all our skin issues.  So they are the best compared to all other products. 

Rice flour exfoliator

You must be thinking who is going to use this rice flour as an exfoliator, but don’t ever look down on it.  When you use it, you will know its magic.  It is the best exfoliator ever we bet.  This is not something we are telling, this is something that is followed for centuries by our ancestors.  Our ancestors used to use the rice flour as their exfoliator to remove the dead skin.  We people generally use rice for cooking purpose and we are well aware of the fact that it is very much beneficial food.  Until now you are just aware of its health benefits, but today we are going to reveal the beauty benefits of rice flour to you.  Rice flour is not just used to remove the dead skin; it is also used in removing the whiteheads, blackheads, and unwanted impurities from the skin. 

There are many benefits of rice flour when used for exfoliation as a scrub.  We are here today to share with you how to make the best face exfoliator at home using rice flour.  Instead of simply use rice flour alone, it would be a good option to use it with few other beauty-benefiting ingredients in order to enhance the chances of getting rid of most common skin conditions. 

Let us see how to prepare homemade facial exfoliator with rice and other ingredients.

Homemade facial exfoliator


Rice flour


Turmeric powder


Take some rice flour, add the same amount of yoghurt, and a pinch of turmeric powder to it.  Mix it well and apply it well and store it in a box.  This pack will last until the yoghurt lasts fresh. 

All you need to do is simply apply this pack on your face and let it dry for 30 minutes.  Then rinse of few drops of water on your face and scrub off your face gently with your fingertips.  You should not apply all your force while scrubbing because it may hurt your skin.  Gently scrub off your skin and wash it off with water.  You will experience a smooth and shining skin. 

Each ingredient used in making this face pack has its unique features.  We have given a detailed note on how each ingredient is useful to your skin. 

Rice flour

The rice flour used in making this face exfoliator has loads of benefits in it.  It helps in getting rid of many skin conditions.  It reduces the problem of hyperpigmentation of the skin.  It reduces the wrinkles and fine lines with regular use and thus acts as anti-aging agent.  It removes the tan from the skin and protects the skin from UV rays of the sun.  It brightens the skin by removing the direct from the skin pores.  It removes acne scars, pimples, dark spots etc. The problem of uneven skin complexion can be treated with the help of rice four.  You will get a glowing skin with the regular use of rice flour.  As there are no chemicals used in this and is obtained naturally from the rice grains we generally eat, there won’t be any side effects associated with its use on skin. 


Yoghurt is rich in lactic acid, which is very beneficial for skin.  It showers benefits on skin with its features.  It can be used to remove sun tan from the skin.  It soothes sunburns and removes the discoloration from the skin.  It acts as an anti-aging agent just like rice flour.  It acts as a good moisturiser and helps people who are suffering from dry skin.  It brightens the skin and soothes irritated skin.  It is one of the best natural exfoliators we have.

Turmeric powder

We generally use turmeric in our cooking.  Turmeric powder has wonderful properties that work wonders on skin.  The anti-bacterial properties of turmeric are very named for treating many skin conditions.  Turmeric is used to treat blemishes and acne.  It brightens the skin.  Most of our ancestors used to use turmeric as a skin tone enhancer.  It removes the sun tan from the skin. 

Bottom line:

All these three ingredients have almost similar properties and uses.  When all these three ingredients are used together they literally make the skin free from most of the common skin conditions.  All these three ingredients are nature given and have no signs of side effects. 

You not even need to put your hand in your wallet to pick out money to buy the ingredients.  All the three ingredients are very much available at home and so you save a lot of money.  So if you are planning for exfoliating session soon make sure to use this natural homemade exfoliator to get benefited hugely.







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