Carrie Underwood Inspired Makeup

Carrie Underwood Inspired Makeup

Carrie Underwood is captivating, entire pop-town with her awesome albums.  She is best known for her singing and songwriting skills.  Being a singer she falls no short of an actress in looks.  She debuted as a singer by winning the title of America Idol and also debuted as an actress in her later career.

She is quite a dashing beauty who can down the runway with her looks.  She is well inspired for younger generations when it comes to makeup.  Wherever she goes, let that be a party, gathering, or awards function she makes sure to look out stunningly best, especially her makeup sense is always thumbs up.

Carrie Underwood At Acm Awards- MakeUp

She is not just an American idol in singing category, but makeup category too if a contest is held on best-looking beauties with good make-up sense. 

There is a lot to learn and get inspired from Carrie when it comes to makeup.  We fetched out the best makeup tips from her, keenly watching her in every single appearance made in public.  You will get inspired by her makeup tricks and will get new ways to make up yourself this time.  So just, read on!

We have presented in our article three different looks of Carrie Underwood that are absolutely unique from each other.  See the article know the three different looks of Carrie and of course, her makeup tricks.

Carrie Underwood makeup inspiration

Carrie Underwood walked the red carpet with her white beaded dress at ACM Awards.  She is flawless and seamless in that attire with wonderful makeup.  Her shimmery, beaded and fringe loaded dress is very eye catchy and she looks gorgeous in it.  The wavy patterned attire she worn is so unique she complemented that unique looking attire with so very unique makeup too.  She paired her entire look with a simple white clutch, white bangles, and pink dangling earrings. 


1.First look


She has a very flawless skin tone that made the makeup more appealing than normal.  In order to try it out on yourself as an everyday look, you have to push off yourself a bit.  Not every lasses skin tone matches with Carrie, it is, of course, impossible.  We have to at least imitate her to some extent. 

In order to reach her looks, you have to first clean your face using the deep cleansing technique with a foaming cleanser. 

-Exfoliate your face to get rid of the dead skin from the face. 

-Moisturize your skin with a branded moisturizer so that it will keep your skin hydrated for a long time. 

-Use a foundation that lasts longer with a cakey effect to your face.  Let that get deeply into your skin. 

-Use a concealer for a flawless appearance. 

-Use a compact powder to lock the makeup you have put in. 

-Using highlighter is also the best choice you can make.  Use a highlighter to highlight the makeup under eyes, cheeks, and lips. 

-Finally, blush your cheeks. 


Carrie’s eye makeup is too good to imitate.  She uses a nice smoky effect on her eyes, which complemented her attire a lot.  The uniqueness of her is using black mascara for her lower and upper eyelids.  She used eyeliner to color her upper lash line. 


Soothing light pink color lipstick to color her lips covered a glossy lip color on it for hot and stunning shine on her lips. 

2.Second look

Vibrant eyelashes

Women’s eyes speak and try to express their heart.  Conveying everything with their eyes need a glam up, as they deserve a lot more than a simple stare.  Carrie style of eye makeup is eye-catching to the world of beauty. 

She made her appearance more Vibrant at Billboard Music Awards wearing Orient Domenech’s neon yellow and brocade gown, paired  it with Rodo clutch, L’Dezen earrings, Brian Atwood heels and chic bun.


As always start with your cleansing routine.  When you are done with cleansing go for moisturizing your face.  Then use a foundation that suits your skin tone and brings out glow into your face.  Use orange-toned blush to complete your glam up routine. 


-To give vibrant look to your eyes do a bit of smudging with the help of your eyeliner.  Use a light concealer to cover dark circles. 

-Use a neutral hue eye shadow to color your eyelids and blend it using a brush.  ----Use just black eyeliner to color your lash line.  Use pencil eyeliner to color your lower lash line.  In order to create the smoky finish to the eyes smudge the upper lash line a bit.  To add more glam to your eyes use a smoky eye, Mascara.


Use a rosy-peach lip color to color your lips. 

3.Third look

Nude Lips

Carrie looked once again stunning at CNN Heroes with neutral makeup look.  She breathtakingly complemented her floor-sweeping attire with brilliant makeup.


Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your face.  Apply primer to your face and put some foundation that goes well with your skin tone.  Blend it well into your skin and use powder to lock the makeup for a long time.  Use a peach blush to complete the makeup.


Apply light blue eye shadow to your eyelids using a flat brush and blend it into the skin.  Use perfect black eyeliner to color your lash line.  Use gel eyeliner to color your upper as well as lower lash lines.  Use colossal kajal to color your eyelashes to the darkest possible color. 


Use nude lipstick and you are done with your Carrie inspired makeup look. 

Imitating her look is not that difficult, isn’t it?  But when you do it for the first time you do blunders and with good practice, you can absolutely get rid of those blunders and attain perfect look like Carrie.







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