Eye Makeup Tips Followed By Jennifer Aniston

Eye Makeup Tips Followed By Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a multi-talented woman who has her footing in acting, production, and business.  Best known for her TV series FRIENDS, she oozed the hearts of millions with her stunning look and performance.  Albeit she is in her late 40s, her fans are still singing praises of her beauty.  She is quite a beauty and is full of life.  She is a glam doll who loves to be simple, yet trendy.  She always presents herself with a stunning smile and mesmerizes people with her dangerously beautiful eyes.  She is definitely an inspired for the young lasses when it comes to eye makeup.  By birth, she has beautiful eyes and she takes very good care of them by following best makeup tips. 

Eye Makeup Tips Followed By Jennifer Aniston

Eye makeup is not so simple to put on.  Even though with good practice you can get it, giving the pro look to the eyes with eye makeup is a bit hard to get, but you don’t need to play hard to get it.  All you need to know is basics of putting eye makeup; if you are a pro at laying down the eye foundation perfectly then you can build skyscrapers on it.  Every person has a style of putting makeup, which makes them unique like Jennifer Aniston.  If you are inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s eye makeup and want to try it on your eyes then we are here to help you with it. 

So there go Jennifer Aniston’s eye makeup written a tutorial.

Jennifer Aniston’s Eye Make Up written tutorial


When you observe her eye makeup clearly you can notice that she never goes overboard with it.  She just makes it simple and of course, adds an elegant look to her eyes with her makeup.  She always goes with light hues of eye makeup.  The common colors that she uses for eye makeup are peach. 

She uses the peach color as the base of her eye makeup, which complements her skin tone a lot.  She even uses peach-hued blush to color her cheeks to attribute to her eye makeup.  She never goes out of her natural tone when it comes to eye makeup. 

She likes to go natural and so colors her eyelids with the same tone that of her skin tone on her eyelids.  Her main color of concentration is silvers or oranges.  She blushes her eyelids with a peach blush and uses two shades of greys in her eye makeup.  Instead of putting those shades of grey as it is she adds the shimmery look to them, which is why her eyelids always shine like stars. 

She pats the grey hue from the end of the eyelid to the center of the eyelid where the eyeball is.  Few celebs use heavy hues for their eye makeup and they look good in them.  This is because the heavy look goes well with them.  It is not the same case with everyone.  Few lasses look good with light hues on their eyes and one among them is our Jennifer Aniston.  In order to have stunning eye makeup, it is very important to know which hues go well your skin tone and all. 

If you are well aware of the hues that suit your eye and skin tone you are half way on the path of success.  After applying grey hue to the eyes she blends it beautifully, which is why her eyelids are so splendorous.

If the grey hue is too heavy she uses some white hue to bring down the heaviness of grey hue.  You have to be a pro in blending in order to get perfect eyelid makeup.  If you are aware of putting good eye shadow, you have to be aware of blending it down too so that you have blend down the eye shadow if it is too heavy on your eyelids.  After adding white hue to the heavy grey, she dabs it to reduce the heaviness of the hue. 


Aniston’s has spilled her own style tips to color her eyebrows.  Unlike black or some other color, she colored her eyebrows depending on her skin tone and hair color, which made her look as always stunning.  Black would look a bit heavy with her light color skin tone and hair color, so she used a soft brown pencil to color her brows.


Eyeliner is her main theme and rope to look beautiful.  If you can see her pics you can notice that she had a perfect eyeliner, which made her eyes absolutely radiant.  Aniston always puts her owned smudge look other than trying out something like brows and bold blacks.  She admires the shimmery look and so mostly uses shimmery sticks to outline her eyes.  And again she never lets her shimmery look shine on a lot and so she takes care of it by keeping it minimal with the help of a concealer.  The process of smudging done with fingers literally looks best compared to when it is done with brushes.  She mainly uses two shimmer products that are Shimmer from Laura Mercier and a shimmer product from Salma Hayek’s beauty line. 


Her eyelashes are quite beautiful by themselves and when she colors them she is totally endowed with beauty.  Her mascara is so very simple and she does not stress much on putting it.  All she does is just add a bit of mascara to her already mascaraed eyelashes.

She is such an inspirer who inspires the young lasses with her outstanding, yet simple eye makeup tips.  Keeping her age factor aside, she never and ever looked dull or unfamiliar with her eye makeup from the start of her career to date.  No matter how many pics of Aniston we see all we can notice is her dangerously beautiful eyes.  Even though the credits should go to the makeup artists who made her look so very beautiful in every piece of time, she does deserve to be complimented for her glorious eyes. 

If you admire her eyes and the makeup she puts on, make certain to try it on your eyes and don’t forget to hit our suggestion box with your worthy suggestions.







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