Homemade Mud Face Masks For Beautiful Skin

Homemade Mud Face Masks For Beautiful Skin

There are a large variety of face packs and masks available in the market that claim on providing best skin care, nourishment, moisturization blah blah blah, but does their claims are really showing any effects on skin or just remaining as claims are the question here.   The products available in the market are mostly chemicals filled and may have side effects associated with them.  There are many natural ways to take good care of our skin.  Our ancestors used to maintain healthy and beautiful skin by using the natural techniques and natural ingredients.  As nature never shows side effects they used to work the best and help them to beautify in every aspect. 

Homemade Mud Face Masks For Beautiful Skin

In olden days women used to use homemade face masks that were made with multiple ingredients.  They also used to try mud packs and masks, which are way too famous for their wonderful effects on the skin.  As they say, history repeats itself, of course, it is not a history, but the same things our ancestors used to their beauty products to beauty themselves have once again come into existence with same power-packed benefits.

Mud face packs are very useful for the skin and promote healthy skin.  They remove the excess oil from the skin in the best way possible.  If your skin type is oily then mud face packs are the best choices to go with.  The way the mud packs control the oiliness in the skin can never be challenged by any other packs.  If you have a combination of skin types that change with the season then this is the apt pack for you.

Benefits of using mud face packs

As the mud face, packs are intended to reduce the oil, along with the oil the associated symptoms of the skin like acne and blemishes will also be removed from the skin.

Mud face makes helps to detoxify the skin and clears the pores on the skin thus allows the skin to breathe.

Mud face helps improves the elasticity of the skin because of their tightening effect, which in turn reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.  These mud packs are mainly used to by people who suffer from early aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles on face and neck.  These act as good anti-aging agents if used properly.

The texture of the skin gets improved with the help of mud masks.

The facial muscles will be relaxed because of the mud masks.

As the mud mask tightens the skin texture this will in turn compared with a good massage given to the skin.

As the pack dries out on the skin by staying on the skin for a while, the dead skin cells and bacteria present on the skin and the pores of the skin will be flushed away when the face is washed with water.

Not just for the face and neck, these mud face packs can also be used on the body too.  If you have an oily back then you can use this mud pack to get rid of the oiliness from your back.

A mud bath is a bath of mud in which people soak their entire body in a mud filled tub for some time.  It is a very famous and popular treatment used and followed by most of the people from olden days.  This mud bath is named for relieving pains such as arthritis.

You can prepare mud masks at home very easily.

Big perks associated with homemade mud masks

Preparing own mud mask at home is very beneficial than getting it from shops.  The big perks associated with homemade mud masks are:

You can save your almighty rupees and also save your time of traveling to shop and back home if you prepare your own mud mask at home. 

As it is homemade and natural the ingredients used in this mud mask are very much available in your kitchen itself.

As you prepare the mask with your own clean hands, there won’t be any need to worry about mixing of any chemicals or essences to it.

There won’t be any sort of hygiene issues associated with homemade masks, unlike the masks that were made at parlors or salons.

How to mud mask your face?

Before going for masking your face washes your face with warm water.  This will help to open up the pores and thus enhances the chances of getting must benefited by the mud mask.

Apply the mask after cleansing your skin.

Let the mask sit on the face for at least 15 minutes and let it dry. 

Don’t make any gestures with the mask on the face. If the mask cracks it may cause fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

After the 15-minute time frame, rinse off your face with cold water and seal the open pores.  Apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type gently.

There are many types of clays to be used on the skin like Fuller’s earth, which is also called as multani mitti, kaolin clay, green clay, white clay, etc.

The green clay removes the toxins from the skin.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and very good remedy for removing acne.

White clay helps in soothing the skin and goes well with all skin types. 

Red clay is gentle clay that goes well on dry and sensitive skin types.

Pink clay helps in giving refreshing look to the dull and tired skin.  Pink clay has cleansing properties in it, which will help to remove the signs of dullness from the skin.

You can make use of any mask we have mentioned, but the best mask that is very handy and very useful is multani mitti. 

How to prepare mud mask at home

1. Fuller’s Earth Mud Mask For Oily Skin:

Mix two tbsp of Fuller’s earth with one tbsp of rose water, one tbsp of honey, and 2-3 drops of tea tree oil. Mix them well and apply to your face.

2. Green Clay/ Fuller’s Earth Mask for Acne Prone Skin:

Mix 1 ½ tbsp of clay with one tbsp of rose water, mash up a 2-inch piece of cucumber.  Blend all these in a blender and add it to the mud rose water paste.

3. Revitalizing Mud Mask:

Mix one tbsp of Pink clay, two tbsp of rose water, and one drop of essential Neroli oil or Orange oil and apply it on your face as a mask.

4. Anti-Ageing Mud Mask:

1 tbsp Red clay, 2 tbsp oatmeal, 3 tbsp rose water, 1 drop Neroli essential oil, 1 drop Rose essential oil, 1 teaspoon mashed avocado/ ripe banana. Mix all the ingredients well and apply them on your face.

5. For Combination-To-Oily Skin:

Mix together 1 tbsp Fuller’s Earth clay with 2 tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel, and apply to the face.

6. For Dry To Normal Skin:

Mix together 1 tbsp White Clay, 1 tbsp honey, and 1 tsp glycerine to form a gentle, moisturizing clay mask.







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