How To Cover Dark Circles With The Help Of Makeup

How To Cover Dark Circles With The Help Of Makeup

Dark circles are nothing but a sign that pops up on our face indicating either age or lack of sleep.  If dark circles appear due to lack of sleep then it can be compensated by proper 8-hour sleep, but what if they are due to age?  Not just these two factors, there are also many other factors that cause dark circles.  Dark circles are also seen in young people, which mean the age is not a factor to be considered here. 

The present-day conditions we are living in with bad weather and polluted environments, it is quite possible that people get sick and stressed out easily.  One has to know that stress makes people aged.  Aged in the sense you won’t see any sort of white hair growing, but other signs of aging like dark circles, age spots etc.

How To Cover Dark Circles With The Help Of Makeup

The foods we eat also contribute a lot to these dark circles. All the unhealthy foods will be in our diet chart, which is the ultimate reason for such signs.  Unhealthy living habits and eating habits affect the body in many ways.  If asked for a permanent solution the answer is so simple just lead the life the way it should be lead with everything positive and healthy.  If asked for a temporary solution that can help you right at the moment to save your face, then use the makeup brush. 

Dark circles may degrade your confidence levels when you are in a crowd.  If you are facing the problem of dark circles for quite a long time then you must definitely pay good and enough attention to treat them.  In order to help you with temporary, but one of the best solutions at hand, we are going to tell you how to cover up the dark circles with the help of makeup.

Cover up your dark circles with the help of makeup

Makeup is literally a savior for those who are in need.  There are great ranges of makeup products that are available in the market to serve us.  Makeup can help a lot in covering up the flaws in the beauty in just minute’s time.  Even though it is not a permanent solution to get rid of the problem, until and unless we get results from the permanent ways it is better to use makeup for the time being.  There are many products of makeup, but concealer is one among those useful makeup products that can help you hide the dark circles in the best way possible.  Not just dark circles, you can also cover the spots and marks on the face with the help of a concealer.  There are different types of concealers available in the market.  People have to choose the best suitable concealer that goes well on them. 

Cream concealers

As I said earlier there are different concealers in the market, but we recommend you to use cream concealers as they are the best option to choose among choices.  The cream concealers can help you to cover up your dark circles when used in light coats, but most of the people choose creams that will leave their skin dry.  So make sure to buy a creamy and light concealer that won’t cause any dryness to your skin and also helps you to cover up your dark circles.  With the use of concealers, you can also cover other signs of aging like fine wrinkles and age spots.


You can also use a foundation in place of a concealer.  You can also use a foundation to cover up the dark circles under your eyes.  The most recommended form of foundation is the liquid foundation.  Liquid foundations are quite helpful compared to others.  They way of application also differs as it is in liquid form.  All you need to do is take some liquid foundation into your hands and let it oxidize.  The more time it stays in the air the more concentrated the pigment will turn into making it easy to use.  Keeping it in the air for a long time will make it into a concealer and it will be easy to use as dark circles covering product.

Where to apply the concealer

You are now well aware of the fact that concealer is more than enough to cover your under eye dark circles, but where exactly to apply the concealer is the question here.  One has to know that where the concealer has to be applied in order to get the best results.  Most of the people apply the concealer just under the eye, but experts say that it is the common mistake people are doing and that the concealer should be applied starting from the interior of the edges of the cheekbones. 

You can apply these concealers with the help of a brush or your fingertips and then blend it so that the concealer is spread all around the eyes.  Concealer is not just for under eyes, but should be used for entire eye makeup.  When you are done with eye makeup, give it a fining look with the help of a blush. 

For professional look use yellow base

If you want to give your makeup a professional look then you definitely need to use yellow base.  Yellow base is something that matches with your complexion giving you more vibrant and original look.  So choose a concealer that is lighter in tone than your skin tone and makes sure to use the yellow base to give it a professional look.

How to use pen brush concealer?

Highlighter pens are the best and can be used to cover the dark circles in the best way.  For a better look, you need to apply this pen brush concealers lightly.  When you are done with applying it under eyes than with the help of your finger tips slowly blend the concealer all around the area of the eye where dark circles have spread. 

These are fantastic makeup tricks to cover your dark circles.  If you are in a rush to attend a party or a function then you can use these best makeup tricks we have shared with you.







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