How to put blue eyeliner

How to put blue eyeliner

There is no need of particular season or reason to glam up oneself.  It is just an instant decision that girls make and stick to.  Putting makeup is undoubtedly a pro art.  The way the pros use the makeup techniques to give a pro look are quite amazing.  It is not possible for everyone to try putting makeup just like a pro, but with a good practice people can manage to get it.  Makeup includes eye makeup, cheeks makeup, lips, hairdo etc.  The makeup that is a bit difficult from other makeups is eye makeup.  Women eyes are beyond beautiful and the curves of their eye lids never match with one another.  The eyeliner highlights the eye lids beautifully with its lining.

How to put blue eyeliner?

There are days when women used to put just one color of eyeliner on their eyes i.e., black color, but the time has changed and women are not showing interest towards things that are “once upon a time” trends.  The latest trend is using different colors of eyeliners on eyelids.  This colorful eyelids concept was trending greatly and women love it to the vital center, especially women who are fashionistas.  The up-to-datish eyeliner color that is adored by more of the fashionistas is nothing but blue eyeliner. 

You must be thinking that you can directly put the blue liner the way you do with any other color, but it is not.  If it is the same technique we would not have made an article on how to put blue eyeliner, right?  So we are here today to explain you how to put perfect blue eyeliner to beautify your eyes.

Tips to perfect your blue eyeliner

If you are looking for tips to perfectly shape your blue eyeliner then you hit the right click.  Blue eyeliner is the style of all ages.  Lass of any age can color her eyes with fabulous blue eyeliners.  It is one of the sexiest colors ever that looks great on women of all ages.  It gives a look that is adored by every woman.  We are presenting our fashionista readers with some fantastic tips for putting blue eyeliner. 

Before going for putting eyeliner, you have to remember that the gel eyeliners are the best.  Gel eyeliners give a smooth look to your lashline compared to other form of eyeliners.  You can get straightest lines with the gel eyeliners on your lashline.  The brush you use to put the eyeliner plays a vital role.  It is the one that draws the perfect lining to the eyes.  Use angled brushes to put the eyeliner. 

Go for contrast colors

There are many people who think that the eyeliner should match with the eye color you are putting, but it is truly a misconception to the core.  There is no makeup rule that says that the eyeliner color should match with the eye color.  There are situations where the contrast combination went well and received good points.  Putting the same color of eyeliner as your eye color won’t gain any points makeup wise.  When contrasting colors are used, like different eye color and contrast colored lashline color then it would gain more points makeup wise. 

The best color combination that highlights and beautifies the blue eyeliner look is brown shadow and liner that highlights blue eyes and in reverse brown eyes and blue shadow or liner.  Blue eyeliner goes well on all types of eye colors.  If you want your eyeliner to highlight your eye in the best way possible then use contrasting colored shadow so that the liner gets highlighted more.  Other colors that go well and highlight the blue eyeliner look is charcoal grey, gold and brown toned shadows.

Upper Lid makeup

This is a glam up style that looks very trendy in present time.  Color your upper lid lashline to give it a classy look.  The classy look is very much adored by women and is quite attractive to look at.  It looks best when thickness is added to it.  If you are working women prefer going with thin lining and a gentle blue color that is water resistant liquid eyeliner.  There are wonderful brands of water resistant eyeliners that you can choose from.  As per your interest you can go for thick and bold colors of eyeliners and color your lashline just like you do your eye shadow. You can highlight the look with brighter and more electric blue shades of eyeliners.  To give wow look to your blue eyeliner, trace the blue color with another color like gold or black and it would look awesome for sure.

Lower Lid makeup

If you want to add more daring look to your makeup then go for lower lid makeup.  Apply makeup to only the lower lid with blue eyeliner.  To highlight the lower lid makeup, add color to your upper lid.  Choose colors like brown or grey to color the upper lids so that the blue color gets highlighted.  If you like thick shades then go for thick coloring and this thick coloring match with party styles.  Go for thin coloring when you are going to work all the day.  There are wonderful eyeliner products in the market that serve good purpose for you.  If you want makeup for working then go for quickliners. 

While putting eyeliner you have to keep in mind few things.  To add a perfecting looks to the eyes just line the eyeliner to the ends of the lashline, especially when you are going to work the whole day at office.  If you are going to hit a party then go for bolder look.  Choose the look depending on the occasion.  If the look matches the occasion then that would be literally a highlight.  Use either cream or gel eyeliners so that they give perfect look to the eyes and the look stays on your eyes for so long.  The water resistant liquid eyeliners are prefect as they cause no issues even though you went through a tight schedule all the day.








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