how to use color wheel makeup chart

how to use color wheel makeup chart

Every woman loves to put on makeup.  God has made us so unique that no complexion picture perfectly matches with other.  The shades vary and the colors vary.  In order to put the right makeup, that enhances your beauty and puts you in the frontline you have to know the right shade that suits your skin tone.  Unless and until you are aware of the basic shades that go well with you it is impossible to make a trademark look.  There are lots and lots of colors than what just know when it comes to makeup.  There is wheel called color wheel that reveals the story of color theory in the best way possible. 

How to use color wheel makeup chart

If you are a makeup artist and want to see heights in your field then you must and should have a good knowledge about the color wheel.  The depth you know about the color wheel the more you will rank well in your field. 

Color theory

It is very important to know the colors of the color wheel for a makeup artist.  A makeup artist should be well aware of basic colors of makeup and what color combinations from what new colors and which colors look great on which colors and what are the best complimentary colors, you must know how one color will effect and influence another color etc. 

If you are unaware of the shades and colors of foundations it would be way too difficult to suggest the best foundation shade that suits your client.  As I said earlier, no skin tone picture perfectly matches with others.  There is a kind of uniqueness in every skin tone and that asks for new shades.  It is impossible to create as many shades as our skin tones, so there comes the color wheel which will guide us on how to blend the colors in such a way that they form new shades that exactly match up with the skin tone of a particular person.

Color wheel

The color wheel is a wheel of colors that gives us a clear outlook on basic colors and color theory.  It is very important for a makeup artist to know the basics of the color wheel and the colors that are involved in the color wheel.

The color wheel is divided into three categories namely primary, secondary, and tertiary.  Let us see in detail about the categories of the color wheel.


The primary category of the color wheel includes three basic colors.  They are red, yellow, and blue.  These colors are called as foundation colors as they form all other colors.


By mixing two primary colors you will get three secondary colors.  For an instant, when you mix red color with the yellow color you will get an orange color.  The secondary colors are orange, green, and violet.


There are namely six tertiary colors that are formed by combining a primary and an adjacent secondary color.  The tertiary colors are yellow-orange, orange-red, red-violet, violet-blue, blue-green, and green-yellow.

In order to know which colors go well with you and complement your skin tone in the best way, you have to know the basics about warm colors and cool colors and their difference.  In order to give an effective look to your face with perfect makeup, you must have a good sense of the colors.  Unless and until you are able to find out which color complements what type of skin tone you cannot step further as to win the title of a good makeup artist.

The color wheel is again divided into two colors, warm and cool colors.  If you are aware of the difference between warm colors and cool colors then you are half done.  You will be able to find out which foundation shades and concealer shades go well with which skin tones.  So let us see the difference between warm colors and cool colors.

Warm colors

Warm colors are bright and are eye catchy colors.  They include red, orange, and yellow and upgrades and downgrades of these colors.

Cool colors

Cool colors as the name suggests are cool and are soothing colors.  They include violet, blue, and green.

The variations and mixes of other colors with warm color make cool color and vice versa.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors are nothing but colors that are opposite to the shades of primary and secondary colors.  The complimentary colors compliment the skin tone very well with their wonderful color combinations.  These are just about a shade opposite to primary and secondary colors.  These complimentary colors have a great impact on the entire makeup of the face.  For instance, if you put bright eye color, you should put an opposite color of shade on your eyelids to make it complimentary.  If the same bright color is used for eyelids too then the look will be not an eye catchy one.  All brights or all lights won’t do well.  A mix and balancing of both will go a long way in makeup.

Eye makeup

Again, not all eye colors are same.  There are shades of eye colors too.  Some people may have blue eyes, some may have black, and some others may have green etc.  So whilst putting eye makeup it is mandatory to consider the eye color, otherwise it would result in a makeup disaster.  The color wheel will help you with choosing the best shades of eye makeup depending on the eye color.   For blue eyed lasses, you should go with earthy tones, coppers, and golds.  For light colored eyes, go for purple to royal blues and olive greens and for brown, to black eyes, you can go for shades of galore as these colors are warm.


Not just for eye makeup even for lip coloring the color wheel can be used.  There are quite a lot of shades in lip colors and it is difficult to choose the perfect colors that suit the skin tone.  The undertone of the skin will help you to find out whether you belong to warm or the cool colors.  If you fall under warm undertones you would need colors like reds, pinks, peaches, orange, and yellows.  Cool undertones would need colors like blues, purples, magentas, greens etc.

The color wheel is all about visualization and imagining which colors blend well with which skin tones.  If you are perfect visualizer then you will receive quite a great applause from the people for your work.  Make certain you by heart the color wheel to sharpen your makeup skills.







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