New Exclusive Brands Launched By Target

New Exclusive Brands Launched By Target

In ancient days, there used to be namely tres few brands in the market and tres few people used to use branded products but gone are the days with tres few brands.  Today, there are scores of brands in the market that launch their products every now and then.  Every day a new product is being launched in the market and people are going gaga about the branded products unlike in the past times. 

There are many stores that offer branded products with good discounts and deals, but they only offer products that run in the market quite well.  Unlike those regular stores, Target is a king of retailers, which is one of the biggest and best stores that offers and of course launch new brands into the market by itself.  It invests on new brands and launches them into its stores for retail prices.  Most of the times the brands that were released into the Target store are not available in any other store. 

New Exclusive Brands Launched By Target

These days we are able to get everything related to beauty from the walk-by stores and Target is one such store from where you can find any product from beauty section without a miss.  Target has now exclusively launched four new brands into its retail store. As usually these four brands are absolutely new and not available in any other store other than Target.  Our of four newly launched products and their brands, one is target-only nail polish and other three are bath and body collections.  Among them, one is designed for unisex use. 

The interesting thing about the three bodies and bath collection is that they are all from the same beauty incubator, Project Underground. This company works with a mission of giving back what they earn in the name of charity.  They always come up with exciting new brands and beauty collection with brand new names and brands.  They have a tie-up with charity and whatever they get from this will go to the charity. 

There are few brands and products that were released by Project Underground back in time like ColourPop, WWD etc.  Most of the beauty incubators are making their own space for their innovative beauty brands.  Even though this is not the best way to launch a product into the market without proper marketing and all, customers are still enjoying the results that they are gaining by use those products. 

So here are the four new exclusive brand launches does by the one of the biggest retailers, Target. Without any late, take a quick look at the new brands. 

Defy & Inspire

This is the first-ever private label nail polish collection from Target.  This is a new move from the Target because it has always focused and highlighted the products with different brand of colors and brands at different prices and trend levels; for instance, Elf and Sally Hansen and Essie, but this time it did came out of its line and made an impressive move.  These nail paints are 5-free and come in 38 shades that include both classic and trendy colors. 

These nail paints are long lasting and shiny to the crux.  They set the price per bottle as $7.49 whereas the Essie is for $8.50 and Sally Hansen Complete Salon is set for $6.59.  It does last longer than you can predict it can and the dark collection from this brand are quite attractive and for sure will last for a min of five days without any sort of complaints.  As the shape of the bottle does matter a lot for nail paints, the bottle shape for this particular brand is quite unique and easy to carry one. 

Mayfair Soap Foundry

There are lots of bath and body washes now colliding in the market with their features.  Another new one to join the show is Mayfair Soap Foundry.  In this brand, they have launched namely five products.   They are sugar scrub, body souffle, body cream, bath salts and body wash.   Each of the product costs $8.99. As the scents are too very famous for the products, keeping that in mind they have launched the products in two different scents namely Sea Lily Jasmine, a sweet floral, and Grapefruit Bergamot, a tangy citrus. If you are not someone who adores the smell of a scent then you better skip out this paragraph from your mind because these are specially scented ones.  This brand of products donates $0.10 for each item you buy to the Starlight Children's Foundation.


This is the unisex used product that goes well for both lads and lasses.  This is a perfect choice for people in the same home with same tastes.  The white and black colored bottles and tubes give quite impressive vibes.  This product is also filled with the flavor of scents.  So if you are not a scent lover then you have to skip this too.  This product comes in three different body lotions like a body souffle, body butter, and a hand cream. 

This brand also offers products for men's that includes facial cleanser, moisturizers, shave products and shower products like a body scrub and soap.  The costs of these products range from $4.99 for soaps to $12.99 for beard oil.  This particular brand donates $0.10 on each item the customer buys to Clean the World.

You Are Amazing

This is the best teen brand that offers wonderful products in different ranges.  This brand offers both bath and body products.  These products are also filled with fragrances that range from lemon meringue to coconut.  A total of eight scents is available in the products of the brand like body wash, a scrub, body mist and a body lotion.  These products come in colorful packaging and even the name of the product is totally amazing.   This product is available for $3.99. Not just the packaging, the product is also the amazing one.  This brand donates about $0.05 for each item the customer buys to Girl Up.

These are the new exclusive collection and brands that are launched by the biggest retailer, Target.  Hope you enjoyed knowing about them.  Make certain to grab the one you loved reading and enjoy experimenting with new products.







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