Peerless Cosmetic Brand Besame By Gabriela Hernandez

Peerless Cosmetic Brand Besame By Gabriela Hernandez

The fashion industry has upgraded to a great extent and the fashions are trending with rocket speed with every passing day.  Every day a new cosmetic brand is showing up in the brand stores with latest beauty features.   There are not so many cosmetic brands when the fashion industry has started its journey, but now there was word for word numerous brands that are doing rounds in the market.  Even though there were only a few cosmetic products in the market ages ago, they still used to do well and used to receive great applause for their work beauty wise.  With not so many complaints against them, they used to gain the eye of the users. 

When the celluloid industry has started its baby steps the artists used to use cosmetics that are very light and are of course very good.  The archaic cosmetics and brands are definitely an inspiration for the newcomer brands of the present time.  One thing is always true to the core, “Old is Gold”.

Peerless Cosmetic Brand Besame By Gabriela Hernandez

Gabriela Hernandez

Gabriela Hernandez is the woman behind the brand Besame.  She is the founder of the brand.  She used to adore and love fashion and beauty in a great sense and so she founded this vintage brand Besame.  She is very much inspired by her granny beauty secrets and so she debuted her cosmetic brand Besame into the fashion world.  Hernandez is an artist, cosmetic historian, and designer who dreamed of launching her own vintage brand.  She started dreaming about this dream when she was 12 and has always admired and adored her grannies style of making over routine.  She had a great sense of passion for the creative art and she had become a photographer, art director, and published author.  With her great sense about the makeup brands from the studies, she has studied and from the knowledge, she gained from her granny makeup she finally developed a beauty brand named Besame.  She developed all her vintage beauty products with long-lasting formulas. 

About the brand Besame

The main intention of launching vintage beauty products into the market is that to help the world of women with the elegant, strong and feminine look.  They bring out the confidence on the face with use and they promise best beauty care ever.  They present women most glamorously to the world.

As this brand is a vintage cosmetic brand, it is like a golden nugget full of amazing and amusing cosmetics.  The cosmetic collection from this brand is quite an art of work and gives a classic and rich look to the wears.  These products provide elegance and glamor in right amounts that are required for a current time. These are very effective cosmetics that give best makeovers to women.

This brand was founded in 2004 by Hernandez with all her knee interest and depth of knowledge about the vintage cosmetics. 

Recreate the beauty sense

There are lots and lots of new generation brands of cosmetics that have their own name and fame for their offerings.  Mostly the cosmetics are used by the people who work in flicks.  The cosmetics are chosen depending on the requirement of the story and the get up of the protagonists.  Not all flicks ask for old makeup methods, but there are few flicks that do want the 19’s era of makeup. 

There are lots of luxury makeup products that were recreated from the 20s era of fashion that will make women feel elegant, inspired, and empowered by their beauty.  Wonderful shades and formulations were invented in this brand and is very much admired brand by the tinsel town vintage makeup lovers.  These particular brands of products are used by many artists in many high-fi movies to recreate exact makeup displays needed as per the era that is being portrayed in the movie.

The makeup products from this brand are quite unique presenting oneself.  Even though they are time taking to use, they are still used by many big shots of the flicks to recreate the look of gone periods.  The lipsticks, powders, perfumes, mascaras etc from this brand are very much inspired by 19s era. 

These particular brands of products are available in the French brand store Sephora

With her unique style, she presents herself as a vintage beauty.  Her red lipstick, her, curly hairstyle always resembles the vintage era.  The development of the product not just begins with trend forecasting, but with trips to antique stores, estate sales, and museum archives. 

She mostly concentrated on the hues and shades of the products and beyond that, she always looked forward to the texture and feel of vintage makeup and the final look.  The cake mascara is the highlight among all the products from the brand Besame.  This is an adaption from the olden days where the product comes in the solid, square cake form, which should be done wet with water to make a paste out of it. 

Even though the latest mascaras are all available in the tubes form, which is pretty easy to put and takes pretty less time, these cake mascaras are still being loved for their ultimate look.  The hit shows like "American Horror Story," and "AHS: Freak Show" has used these brand of products like lipstick and mascaras for makeup to bring the look for the flick.  The tones of the lipsticks available with this brand of products are quite unique and resemble the past eras.  The Hollywood actress Jessica Lange was very excited while using the cake mascara by adding the own saliva to wet it and turn it into a paste. 

Even though these brands of products are used in many hit shows and have made its place in the Sephora store, Besame is still a small brand, which is known by and used by tres less number of people.  It is an entrepreneur that produces and manufactures its products in the boundary of United States.  It limited its products and never tried to add new additions to the already available versions. 

Hernandez says that "Our idea is a little bit different from most cosmetic companies that make a product that follows fashion, or they all follow each other." "We're not in that genre. We do products that we think women can use still, but are based on the past."







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