Smoky Eye Palettes That Beautify Your Look

Smoky Eye Palettes That Beautify Your Look

They say that women eyes speak a lot.  If given attention everyone can know that it is an undeniable truth.  Such beautiful eyes definitely deserve good care.  There are lots of makeup tips to beautify the eyes of the women and there are lot more products to do the task.  The smoky eyes literally take away the attention and also increases the number of head turns.  No matter how many fashion trends come and go, smoky eyes are always a fashion.  They are never considered as out of style and won’t be too.  Let that be any occasion, smoky eyes matches up with the occasion without any signs of mismatch.  They go well with any attire.  Smoky eyes are considered as one of the sexiest makeup looks to date. 

Smoky Eye Palettes That Beautify Your Look

The smoky eyes are colored in many colors.  Most of the people prefer to use black color to give the effect of smokiness to the eyes and thinks that that is the one that works well for giving the effect of smoky eyes.  Even though to some extent it is true, there are many other shades that can give great impact of smoky eyes.  When the smoky eyes concept was started people used to make up their eyes with black color eye shade, but with time the trend of using different shades has come and now women are using different shades to give the smoky effect to their eyes. 

So for our readers who love smoky eyes, we are presenting awesome collection of smoky eye palettes with great variety of shades.  You will love these palettes for sure.

Mac Eye Shadow X 9: Burgundy Times Nine

As the name suggests it consists of 9 different shades.  This is a product from Mac, which is one of the top branded companies that offer best quality products.  The palette has different shades that cover satin, matte, frost, which will help give a perfect look for both night time parties and day time meetings. The shades are smooth, soft, and saturated packaged well so that they are very handy to carry.  The cost of this palette is also reasonable to put in as it is a branded product. 

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow Quad – Mediterranea

This palette is designed to provide four different shades.  The shades covered are grayish blue that go well with a luminous satiny veil.   The eyeshadows from this brand are crease-proof and will last for long time.  It is not that easy to get the look of blue smoky eye, or of grey shade.  The best thing about this set is that each shade can be used individually totally making five shades. 

The package of the product is so unique and as very few shades are provided in the package, it was too handy.  Two brushes were provided which can be used as an applicator as well as a blender. Just like most of the eyeshadow and compact packages come with a mirror even this mini makeup kit comes with a mirror so that you can apply the makeup pretty conveniently. As it is very small in size you can carry it in your wallet too. 

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow

This palette consists of pigment-rich shades that were inspired by the threads of Chanel’s classic tweed. This quad offers ultimate number of color combinations, with two medium shades that allow you to color and contour between light shade and a dark shade.  You can color your eyes to give an intense touch and also color them to give a light shade touch.  It is too handy and can be carried anywhere.  The shades offered in the palette are quite needy ones and are enough to make up your eyes for any occasion. Along with shades there are also two fluffy brushes and a mirror provided with the quad.

Maybelline the Nudes Palette

Maybelline is yet another brand that ruled the women’s hearts with its outstanding products.  This quad is designed in rectangular shape with 12 different shades.  The shades mainly include bronzes, beiges, taupes, and golds etc.  Using these shades you can create wonders with your eye makeup.  With this palette, you can give the effect of smoky eye look on any eye shape. The golden glitters in the shades highlight the shades to their best.  These glitter filled shades gives rich look and can even be used to do the bridal makeup. 

Dior 5 Couleurs #056 Bar

This palette is a new version to the 5 Couleurs legend. There are namely five shades in the quad.  The palette is designed so well that four colors belong to one category while one center color falls into other category of shades.  There are different textures provided in the quad that can be used to create different looks. The shades include satiny, iridescent, matte, and shimmery. Like the before quads even this quad was provided with two brushes.  One brush is a foamy applicator and the other is a blender.

Clinique All About Eye Shadow 8-Pan Palette

This brand of eye shadow comes with best and attractive packaging.   It is a rectangular case where eight shades of eye shadows are beautifully packed.  The palette so handy and consists of different shades.  Almost all common shades are given in this palette.  The colors are crease and will stick to your eyes without fading away so easily.  The shades include blues, browns, grays and other dark shades. This quad is not only best for women who use it occasionally, but also for people who use it professionally too. The palette also consists of convenient applicator and blending brush in it.

Lakme 9 To 5 Eyeshadow – Silk-Route

Lakeme is quite a famous brand in India.  The quad is designed in a square shape with four different shades in which two are dark shades and two are light shades.  These shades are glittery too.  The light and dark shades are perfectly contrasted with each other.  The palette also comes with an applicator brush in it. 

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres – Midnight Rose

L’Oreal is yet another brand that is ruling with its extraordinary product in the market.  The quad is so uniquely designed with four different shades.  Two dark shades and two light shades are provided in the quad.  The palette also consists of a mirror in it. 

These smoky eye looks are trendy all the time and are the fashion for all time.  The palettes we have mentioned in our article have gained immense good reviews for their beautiful touch up on the eyes.  So give them a try and enjoy the look of smoky eyes. 









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