Stunning Cher Lloyd Eye Makeup

Stunning Cher Lloyd Eye Makeup

Hi, youth!  Watzzzz up!!!  We are tremendously doing well and hope the same with you.  We are here today to share with you the tale of the beauty Cher Lloyd and her eye makeup tips.  Cher Lloyd is known to the world as a singer, songwriter, rapper and model. 

Stunning Cher Lloyd Eye Makeup

Her appearance in the series like X Factor made her win the hearts of zillions crazily.  As they say, beauty with brains, she is one among them with stunning beauty and mind-blowing brain.  She mesmerized the world with her beauty sense.  She is one of the youngest girls with the very image of a beauty icon.  She is a beauty inspired when it comes to makeup and she is full of life.  She has wonderful levity that makes her appear unique from others. 

She got breathtaking eyes and the way she styles her eye makeup attribute to her entire look.   The way she carries her eye makeup is admirable.  In simple words, she is the projection of a beauty queen with active quality being her confidence to carry the look.   Her eye makeup would always be the talk of the town.  Whatever the occasion is, with her ultimate makeup she appears as the main dish in the party. 

She is the youngest beauty icon of the present time and her eye makeup is awfully inspiring for all the young lasses on the blue planet and of course it is not that difficult to attain such look of Cher if you are determined to do so. 

You, people, are going to get stuck in the eye makeup tips of Cher Llyod that we are going to share with you.  What we are thinking is why not we try her look on ourselves!  That’s quite a good thought, right?  Then why late, keep scrolling your mouse down to keep reading. 

We have covered two eye makeup tutorials of the X-factor beauty Cher Lloyd in our article.  Without any delay read on!

Cher Lloyd Smokey-Eye looks tutorial

In order to attain the Smokey eye look of Cher, you need to have few makeup products at hand like L’Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss, L’Oreal Million Lashes Mascara, false crystal lashes etc.  So let us know how to put that look.

-Start with L’Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss.  Make thin, straight, and smooth lines and give it lots of depth with the lovely glossy finish.  Shade the eyelids very gently and softly.

-Use a bronze hue of your natural skin type as eye shadow. 

-Take false crystal eyelashes and glue them to your natural lashes.  The false lashes give nice curve and wide-eyed look to the eyelids. 

-Use L’Oreal Million lashes mascara to blend together both false and original eyelashes.  Take really small amounts of mascara to color the eyelashes.

-Finish the look by using black liner on lower eyelids.  Don’t let that smudge.  Use a cotton bud to give a smudged look to the under eyes.

There ends the first look.

Shimmer Princess look 

This shimmer prince look of Cher is quite a unique look and has gained immense popularity amongst crowds.  So let’s get started.

-Take L’Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss and make a thin black line just along the lashes and swing it just a tinsy-winsy bit. 

-As her eyebrows are perfect you no need to pencil them.  Instead use Mac brow set to set them.  Set them a little bit and put a little bit color on this.

-Use false strips that are much more natural looking.  Albeit this is a bit time consuming they give an absolutely natural look.

-Fill in the lashes with this gorgeous black L’Oreal Volume Million Mascara in such a way that they blend in with the natural ones.

-Now color the waterline of the lower lids using L’Oreal Infallible Carbon Black Liner.  Take the liner a little bit out.

-Use a small eyeshadow brush to smudge the edges just to soften up a little bit.  Do it gently.  You can also use cotton swabs instead of using small eye shadow brush to smudge a b it underneath the eyes.

-Now it is the turn for lower eyelashes.  Use L’Oreal Telescopic for bottom lashes.  This is the best ever product that sticks onto the lids without falling out of line.

-Take L’Oreal Eyeshadow Palette of five different shades to shade underneath the eyes and the cheekbones.  Use five different cream shadows of the palette for coloring cheekbones and for highlighting and shadowing.  Finish off the gorgeous shimmery glossy look by using the glam shine in the golden tattoo.  It is the best nude lip color that gives a glossy shimmery look to the lips. 

Whenever Cher walks down the aisle or croons her songs on the stage she takes pretty good care about her makeup, are you eyeing on her to imitate her look.  The looks we have discussed are highlights of her appearances in public.  There are few other stunning and inspiring makeup tips of her that went viral. 

Her glittery glam copper eye makeup, her sparkling lids, her eye makeup complemented with golden eye shadow, dots art on the eyes, bronze and brown eye makeup with peach lipstick, black crystals glued eye shadow, lighter gold eyeshadow on water liner of her eyes and darker bronze on outer corners what not every look of her is ceasing. 

Then what are you thinking?  If you have the makeup products handy then try the eye makeup of Cher Lloyd right away on your eyes.  We are sure you will do it like a pro within two or three attempts.  Hope you enjoyed reading.  So rob her look right away!!!







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