The Stunning Beauty Nargis Fakhri’s Beauty Secrets

The Stunning Beauty Nargis Fakhri’s Beauty Secrets

The Rockstar fame Nargis Fakhri’s is quite stunning when comes to looks.  She is a beautiful woman who has won zillions of masses hearts with her gorgeous looks.  She is an American born beauty who was born to a Pakistani father and Czech mother.  She proved herself with her acting skills in her first debutant flick itself.  She is a beauty with brain that has very good sense of humor.   She is a charming beauty who has made her name with her good nature and of course with her stunning looks.  Even though she is American born, she is very quick to adopt our living style and is now feeling B-town as her new own home.  The Imtiaz Ali directorial Rockstar flick has given her enough space to prove all her acting skills.  She shook her leg beautifully for the beat dhating naach, which was quite a big hit. 

The Stunning Beauty Nargis Fakhri’s Beauty Secrets

All that surprises us is that she is now 36 years old!  It is so very surprising to know that she is now in her late 30’s, but the fact is that it is her way of living that made her look so very young even at late 30’s.  When asked how she manages to look so young she said that “It’s important to look good, but youth has nothing to do with how you look.  I think it’s more to do with how you feel about yourself. I feel 12 at heart, so I look and feel the way I want to.” That is quite a catchy confession from the Spy fame Nargis.  So let us take some simple tips from this young looking woman on beauty. 

Beauty tips to take from Nargis

Nargis has never been into a beauty distress.  She simply goes through deep cleansing and moisturizing every day and it is a daily ritual for her to go through them.  She then uses Neutrogena face wash for her face.  She uses freshly taken olive oil to remove her makeup and she don’t believe that she looks good with makeup on, but thinks that she looks good without any makeup.  She is not dependent on any branded beauty products to enhance and sharp her beauty, but instead loves to use natural therapies most likely right from her kitchen to treat her body and face.  She says that it is important to know minor and major properties of every veggie and fruit and use them as skin care products to treat any signs of skin issues.  She adores using fresh milk cream to moisturize her body instead of some store-bought cream.

She prefers to go for glycolic peel or oxy facials occasionally and she take pleasure in a Proacity face mask a few times in a month.

Tips for beautiful and healthy tresses by Nargis

As she is a natural approach freak she loves to apply coconut oil to her hair every time she goes for a head wash.  She only to massages her hair a few times a week, but also uses coconut oil as a conditioner. She says that after shampooing the hair, using one or two drops of coconut oil as a conditioner and leaving it without washing will give the tresses a perfectly moisturized look. As the oil is applied directly on the wet hair, the hair looks picture perfectly smooth and silky once it is dried. 

She is not a fitness freak

As per the reports Nargis has been a former contestant at America’s Next Top Model and yes indeedy she seems as the one with her outstanding and stunning looks.  Her daily exercise routine is somewhat different from her other co-stars and other celebs of B-town.  She don’t like to hit the gym for working out, instead she prefers to lose while walking, by using the stairs, and by practicing Zumba.

Her first biggest mission about stairs is that she climbed about 52 floors to see her friend in Manhattan with a small break of 2 minutes in the 20th floor.  She considers it as the best routine to do and burn calories if any.  The next session she loves as a workout is Zumba dance.  She goes gaga about dancing and she believes that dancing and laughter can present her in the best possible way before the world.  So she hits hard the Zumba dance routine everyday as a workout. 

Healthy living Habits:

Nargis believes that there is a great need to follow healthy living habits to maintain both good health and good beauty.  She says that in order to complement the healthy genes inherited from the parents it is important to follow good food habits.  So she drinks at least 2 liters of water every day and she eats only healthy food.  She always makes sure that her bed time is eight hours every night.  She takes vitamin supplements every day and has small meals for every two hours.  Nargis says that it is very important to commit oneself for eating healthy.  It is a lifetime commitment that one should follow without any cheating.  She prefers eating solace in food and luckily it is a healthy food. Her diet chart consists of fresh vegetables, bananas, and eggs. She never prefers taking foods like aerated drinks, processed foods, and sugar. She even tries to cut out the intake of milk and bread from her diet.

She loves to cook and so loves to prepare her meals on her own for herself.  She likes to take both grains and pulses in her diet and she loves eating dark chocolates.

Nargis diet chart on a typical day

Breakfast - 3 Boiled Eggs

Snack - Almonds, Cranberries, Walnuts

Lunch - A veggie soup with some salad or a chicken sandwich

Snack - 2 bananas or an orange with a piece of dark chocolate

Dinner - Sardines with onions and a Melba toast or Quinoa and mixed vegetables

Nargis is a perfect living example from whom we can get inspired from.  She is an admirable beauty and her ways of living are quite appreciable to adopt.  So, not just fans of Nargis who admires her, but also other people who admire her beauty should take her as an example to stay healthy, fit and beautiful like our own Nargis Fakri’s. 








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