Things That Say You Are Putting Too Much Makeup

Things That Say You Are Putting Too Much Makeup

Make-up is something that is used to enhance the beauty and to correct and cover the flaws in the beauty.  There are people who prefer light makeup and also there are people who prefer heavy makeup.  The makeup we wear should totally depend on the situation and occasion.  Unnecessarily putting heavy makeup for no reason is literally a waste of time.  It is not just about time, but it may harm the skin too.  Makeup is not something that will go well with everyone.  The skin tone and type should absolutely match with the products we are using and vice versa.  If it is not the case then it will remain as a beauty blunder. 

Things That Say You Are Putting Too Much Makeup

Makeup usually is done by professionals in olden days, but now people are doing it by themselves.  Few do well, but few do it in the worst way possible.  Too much makeup or bad makeup can ruin your original beauty.  It would be better to skip such bad makeup sessions than making yourself look worse and worse.  A good makeup always boosts your confidence as it enhances your beauty, but if it is too much it may hurt your pride one day.  The unfortunate thing is that the person who is putting heavy makeup may not notice that she is overdoing it until and unless she was told about it by another person.  So instead of giving someone else a chance to point out at you it would be better to check yourself if you are putting it right or putting it heavy. 

Can’t give a good smile

This is the first thing you can notice if you are overdone with your makeup.  When you are done with your makeup, just check it out whether your makeup is overdone or perfect by throwing a smile.  When over makeup is done, you can’t smile casually as you always do because it will make your skin feel stretched on smiling.  It is a clear sign indicating that you have put on too much makeup on your face.  If you face such situation you no need to rush and wash the entire makeup off with water.  The simple way to reduce the over makeup is to tone down the makeup by using a tissue paper or cotton fabric.

Your face looks artificial

If you have done over makeup then your face would resemble a precise monster.  Sometimes it may be scaring too.  Don’t go out of your complexion.  Don’t go for makeup that gives you a wrong complexion that mismatches with your original skin tone.  Instead of covering your skin tone with compacts that are not fit for your complexion, highlight with the best makeup that goes well with your complexion to enhances your beauty.  So when you are done with your makeup check if you are looking to white then you are.  If the “too” is there then tone down right. 

If the setting spray can’t hold your makeup for a long time

Setting spray is something that will set your makeup for a long time in the right way.  These setting sprays are quite good for people with oily skins.  If you find that the setting spray is not helping you out in protecting your makeup for a long time then for sure the culprit is your overdone makeup.  Overdone makeup cannot be held for a long time on oily skin even after using a setting spray.  So if you find your makeup fading out even after using a setting spray then know that you put on too much makeup on your face.  So take a tissue paper and as usual tone down your makeup.

If the lipstick is out of place

There are wonderful lipstick brands in the market that go absolutely well with anyone.  A branded lipstick will never go out of line or spoil your makeup until and unless it is overdone.  Even though it may go out of lip line you can take the help of a lip liner and then color your lips.  If you are facing the same problem even after taking all these measures then definitely the blamable are you who put on too much of lipstick.  It is very easy to tone down the lip color.  Just take a tissue or an ear bud and remove the excess lipstick on your lips.

Eyeshadow out of place even after using a premier

There are many people who suffer from oily eyelids.  Oily eyelids may not hold the eyeshadow for too long and the eye shadow may come out of place, which would ultimately disturb the entire makeup.  So there are premiers in the market that will help you hold the eyelids makeup i.e., eyeshadow.  Even after using proper premier to your eye shadow, if you are facing out of place eyeshadow then you should know that you overdid the eye makeup.  The only way to get rid of further makeup worsening is to redo it.

If your makeup leaves you with two different complexions on face and neck

Few people make up their face beautifully with apt makeup but neglects the neck that follows the face.  The complexion of the face and the neck should always match and that is when it is called as perfect makeup.  One you are done with your makeup notice if is any different between the complexion of you face and complexion of your neck.  If there is a mismatch then it is clear that you have overdone it.  Tone it down with a tissue. 

If your eyelashes appear artificial

Mascara is one of the awesome cosmetics to highlight the beautiful eyelashes of the eyes, but it the one that can spoil your entire makeup in seconds’ time.  If you are having thick and long eyelashes and you want to highlight them with mascara, it is absolutely fine, but overdoing it will make your eyelashes appear like artificial ones and of course a bit scary too.   If you find that your eyelashes are attached to one another then make sure to tone them down immediately. 

Use these simple tips to find out if you have overdone your makeup and tone down to shine on.







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