Sizzling hairdos of Ariana Grande

Sizzling hairdos of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the “Insta Queen” who is known for her cutesy appearance.  She is our inspiration today.  She made her name popular with her singing and acting skills.  She lacks in nothing, just cutie pie of present time.  She has such a cute appearance that everyone literally falls for her in no time.

Ariana Grande always makes her way into the world of beauty with her beyond comparison of hairdos.  If you’re Grande’s hairdo admirer then let us tell you that we are going to make you a junior Grande with our own way of imitation skills.   You no need to have your glam squad with you in order to tie up your hair the way Ariana do.  All you need to have is enough admiration for Ariana Grade’s hairdos so that you will be determined to try them on yours. 

So without letting the clock strike next minute let us start our tutorial of the day. 

Sizzling hairdos of Ariana Grande

Switch your look with your new style of hairdos.  Let us get inspired by Ariana Grande more and more so that we fall no short in being stylish.  Ariana Grande makes her hairdos as her style statement.  She pops up with unique hairdos whenever she appears in public.  We keenly observed the hairdos that she tried all this time and came up with some exciting, simple and yet trendy hairdos from them.   So give it a read!

Pretty Pullback

-Start with brushing your hair. 

-Use heat protecting spray on your hair to set your hair perfectly. 

-Now gather a front section of hair and comb it back. 

-Twist the section of hair gently and make a small puff out of it. 

-Use two bobby pins and secure the puff made by placing pins crossly over each other. 

-Make sure the hair stays in place after bobby pins are pinned.

-Use a hair straightened so as to flip the ends of the hair inwards. 

-Curve the ends of the hair inwards so that hair looks cute. 

-Use shine spray to hair to add shine and to make hair look flawless. 

This hairdo goes well on short, medium as well as long hair.  It is very simple hairdo and you can try it out for any occasion.  The secret of beauty in this particular hairdo lies in the way you curve your hair at the ends.  As the front section of hair is combed and pinned back you won’t feel any sort of irritation in hot summer.

Cute space buns

-Divide your hair in the center and take some hair from the ear locks. 

-Brush hair backward and tie hair in the style of the pigtail to the back of your head and secure it with a band.

- Repeat the same process on the other side of hair. 

 -Make sure both sides are evenly done.  This back did pigtails looks absolutely cute and as the hair is combed back your face will get a good appeal.  Because of the backcombing, the pigtails does not appear as one but do give cute vibes. 

-Now braid the pigtail normally and fluff hair off of the braid by pulling the hair out of loops to make hair appear thick. 

-Now roll the braid around and secure the roll with the help of a band.  While rolling, fluff at the top and pin down at the sides of the band. 

-Do the same on another side.  Make certain both sides are similar to the crux.  Now curl ends of hair with the help of a curler. 

 Tada!  Cute space buns hairdo is done!

Fishtail bun

Lasses who love fishtail can give this hairdo a try. 

-To start with this hairdo you have to first flip your hair down and tie your hair into a high pony.

- Secure your hair with the help of a strong hair band. 

-Divide pony into two sections and braid one section of hair into a fishtail. 

-If your hair is full of volume this hairdo picture perfectly suits your hair.

- Once fishtail braid is completed secure the braid with the help of the small band.

-Fluff the braid in such a way that the hair looks thicker and voluminous. 

-Now twist the other section of hair into a messy bun. 

-To add volume to this section of hair fluff off some hair. 

-Now loop around the band and pin it in place. 

-In order to bring pro, bun looks to the hairdo use two or three bobby pins. 

-Now take the fishtail braid and wrap it around the bun. 

-Pin down the ends of the hair if left.

Classic pony

This hairdo only looks great on voluminous hair. 

If you have thin hair, don’t you worry!  We have an idea for you.  Just use hair extensions of same hair color. 

-To start off, take the first half of the hair and brush it back.

- Tie it off with a band and flip your hair over.  Divide the hair into smaller and larger sections. 

-Take same colored hair extension and clip it carefully to your original hair.  In order to clip it perfectly you have to first clip the middle ones and then go for side ones. 

-Now blend all the hair and flip the rest of the hair over to cover the extension.

-Secure the hair with the help of a band.  Now the hair appears completely voluminous. 

-Now take a small section of pony from the sides and wrap around the pony in the style of a band. 

-Pin the hair back into the pony and straighten the hair using a straighter.  There ends your classic pony look.

So what say beauties?  Ready to try out Grande’s look? 

Then why late!  Get, set, Go!







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