Why rebecca taylor is not showing up at fashion week

Why rebecca taylor is not showing up at fashion week

Rebecca Taylor who is a maven in the fashion industry with her designs and collections is now staying away from the runway in which she presented her collections for more than a decade.  She is a wonderful designer with a creative mind that works wonders in creating stuff that excels in every aspect. 

She, who has walked down the aisle with her models to present her collections to the world in the fashion weeks all the time, is no longer going to hit the ramp anymore.  It seems like she changed her mind not to show up anymore on the ramp in the name of fashion weeks.  With the most promising brands like Burberry, Tom Ford Vetements and Rebecca Minkoff skipping their regular ramp shows, the fashion week is losing its glam.

Why is Rebecca Taylor not showing up at fashion week?

Rebecca Taylor cancelled her fall 2015 show last Feb and made a decision not to show up on the ramp anymore with her collection.  She said that "I'm very intuitive when it comes to the company and the last show we did, I asked, 'What are we doing this for?'", Taylor said in an interview given to a popular site.  She decided not to showcase her collection on the ramp and is now showcasing her latest collection through press one-by-one.  She said that "We lost the vision of what the shows were for. The message was getting lost."

Taylor, who hails from New Zealand came to New York in the early '90s and started her work as an assistant to Cynthia Rowley.  She then launched her own contemporary label when she was 26.  And now after twenty years later into the field, she gained her name and fame with her utmost unique designs.  She always makes sure to invent and design new styles and definitely throws a tough competition at fashion week for her co-designers.  She showcased her collection in brand stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom.  She also has eight own shopfronts along with an e-commerce website.

She anchors her brands now and pulled off the rule of showing up at runways with her collection.  She now showcases her latest collections to the press and to the public at shows that are held just before the collection gets into the stores instead of revealing them to the world lot more before in advance. 

Taylor has a wonderful business that has won the zillions of fashionistas hearts for all this time and so she decided to step out of the line and stand and rise on her won instead of hitting the ramps.  She said that "We actually spoke to our wholesale partners beforehand". "They call us a 'tentpole brand' within their stores, and said we'll buy you whether you show or not."

She has a good estimation of the costs that will go into a runway show.   The normal runway show can cost around $200,000.  Taylor has decided not to let that huge amount go into the runways where a couple of people walk and a couple of people come and go away after the show.  She used her marketing skills that are deeply rooted in her mind to redirect the funds of the runway into new paths of marketing.  She mainly concentrated and highlighted the use of digital space.  She said that they have hired a dedicated digital marketing manager about 10 months ago to help make the work more effective. With the help of the marketing manager they made their footing into social sites and have begun advertising on Facebook and Instagram to promote the sales of the collection.  They put their best efforts into their e-commerce site to hike the sales and are successful with the growth in sales. 

As there are no shows being held by Taylor and her crew, the brand also directed it’s funding into making lookbooks, which are very much vital in promoting the collections.  Promoting the collection without the ramp show is something that is so very different and never tried thing.  As there won’t be any extra costs incurred in the collection because there is no ramp show held, it is a positive move for business as well as for the buyers.  Even the buyers are increasing their money input on the fall 2015 collection.

It seemed like Taylor is full of life with her brand new way of revealing her collection to the world without any sort of tensions or stress that a designer normally has.  She said that "It's so nice to have time to really craft the clothes the way I want them to be crafted.”  Taylor has a very good vision about the fashion industry and marketing the latest collections into the market.  Even though this is so different from what she does in the past years she did kick start this new business with the same passion that she had when she started her career. 

When asked Taylor what advice she wants to give to the designers who are in a dilemma whether a runway show is right, or not the right choice to make, she quipped, "When I started doing shows in the late '90s at Bryant Park, it was very important because there were no other channels, but now there are so many other ways to do it.  When you are at the starting point the money won’t flow in hands and it will be tight. 

She said that younglings are more familiar with social networks and sites and so they are very good at connecting to the crowds out there.  And I would say to use that as a barrier to constructing their dreams instead of putting their almighty dollars into a show where people come, sit, watch, and walk away.  She gave a wonderful message to the young emerging designers of present time by saying that, “You really need to focus on what you want to be and who you want to be before you pen up to the free-for-all of feedback and input you get from shows because that can be really discouraging."







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