Tips To Remove Mehandi From Hands

Tips To Remove Mehandi From Hands

Mehandi is an art of decorating hands and legs.  It is a zero-weight accessory that brings beauty to the hands and legs at the cheapest cost ever.  Mehandi is a girly art that is kept on all festive occasions and wedding ceremonies.  Most of the girls adore it a lot because of the color and look it gives to hands.  It has been used in use from ages and now it has set a trend in the youth.

Tips To Remove Mehandi From Hands

 It used to be kept in the wedding ceremonies as a ritual, but now lasses love to put it on their hands every now and then.  The mehandi designers have come up with exciting and latest mehandi designs, which make them stand as the fashion for new generations.  Depending on the country and the culture the designs vary.  The mehandi lasts for a week or so on the hands and then it starts to fade out, which makes it look not that beautiful.  So we are here today to help you with how to get rid of the faded out mehandi from your hands and legs. 

How to remove Mehandi

There is no such ingredient or solution that helps to remove the faded out Mehandi from the hands totally.  Indian Mehandi designs are so very heavy and the Mehandi is filled in every corner.  It is difficult to totally remove such designs.  There are lots of brands of nail polish removers, but no one yet introduced a Mehandi removing liquid or cream.  In order to remove the color of the Mehandi totally from your hand the only thing you can do is waiting until it goes off, but we have some tips that will help you to fasten up the process of Mehandi removal.  These tips will help you remove the faded part of the Mehandi from your hands and legs to some extent.  Read no to know what those tips are…

Let us start with a natural product.  Turmeric is best known for its usage in many beauty products and also in cooking.  This works wonders in removing the Mehandi on the hands.  This is a tip that is used from ages to get rid of faded out Mehandi.  Just take some turmeric powder and rub it in the places where you have Mehandi.  Wash it off and you will see you Mehandi fading out.  Repeated usage of turmeric powder will remove the mehandi from your hands to max extent.

Bleaching can be done to remove the color of the mehandi.  Take some bleaching powder that you commonly use for your face and hands and apply it in the area of mehandi.  Let it dry and then wash it off.  Doing this will remove the mehandi to max extent.

Take some warm water and dip your hands in the water for some time.  Take them out and rub the area of the mehandi.  The mehandi will come out as layers.  Repeat this process few times to remove the color as well as mehandi from your hands.

Take some baking soda and lemon juice.  Make a paste and apply it over the area of the mehandi and let it dry for 10 minutes.  Once it is dried exfoliate your hand using a loofah and rub your hand in circular motions.  Wash off your hands with warm water and repeat this process to remove the mehandi to max extent.  Make sure to apply a moisturizer to protect your hands from drying out.

Lemon juice also works well on removing mehandi.  Take some lemon juice and apply it on the mehandi.  Rub your hands and wash off.

Use of chlorine also helps a great deal in removing the mehandi.  Take some hot water and add chlorine to it.  Dip your hands in the solution for two to three minutes.  This process will remove mehandi very effectively.

This is a simple tip.  Just wash your hand as many times as possible with soap.  Go for antibacterial soap because it works as a best exfoliate. 

Toothpaste can also be used to remove the mehandi.  Take some toothpaste you generally use to brush and apply it on the mehandi area.  Let it dry and wash it off while rubbing to remove the color.

Hair conditioner also helps in fading out the mehandi.  Take some hair conditioner and put it on the mehandi filled area.  Rub it and wash it off.

Olive oil is yet another wonderful ingredient to remove mehandi.  Soak a cotton ball in olive oil and apply the olive oil to the mehandi area on the hands.  For quick results add some salt to the olive oil.  Leave the oil to penetrate into the skin for 10 minutes.  Olive oil is an excellent remedy to remove mehandi from hands.

Take some water and add salt to it.  Soak your hands in the salt water for about 20 minutes.  Salt water will help diffuse mehandi in water and there by removes the color of mehandi from the hands.  Repeat this process for best results.

You can go for a dead skin remover to get rid of the faded out mehandi.  Before going for it you have to check it up whether it goes well on your or not.  It will lower the color of mehandi to some extent.  Take some dead skin remover and apply it on the area of mehandi, rub it gently so that it will fall out as layers.

You can also remove the color of the Mehandi from your hand through sweat.  The best way to sweat out is through exercises.  Go for any form of exercises that will spill out excess of your sweat.  The sweat will slowly fade out the mehandi color from your skin.  Sweating will remove the dead skin from the body so it automatically fades out the mehandi color from your hand.

Choose the best remedy you want to use on your hands to get rid of the unwanted mehandi. 








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