Top 10 Fashion Designers In The World 2016

Top 10 Fashion Designers In The World 2016

Fashion industry is growing rapidly.  It is expanding its wings to the corner of the earth with its ultimate innovations in fashions.  Not just with attires, but also with unique designs in accessories it is teaching fashion to the world.

Fashion industry has emerged as one of the best fields for investing and innovating.  There are many fashion universities and colleges that are providing latest fashion courses to the people who are interested in the field of fashion designing.  The education on fashion is now considered as worthy to be qualified by the people.  This is all due to fashion designers and their wonderful contribution in the field of fashion.

Fashion designers and their contribution to the world of fashion

There are many fashion designers who have named and famed to date for their wonderful innovative designs in the fashion industry.  Just like another field even fashion industry has ups and downs.  There are fashions that set trends at the same time there are fashion disasters too.  Fashion is something that is correlated with time.  With time the fashion and the trend changes.  Particular trend can only sit in the top slot for particular time.  When the time is other it is time for another trend to occupy the top slot.  Of course there are all-time fashions too, which rule the people’s hearts even today. 

People do fashion in order to present themselves to the world in the unique way.  They follow up with the updated trends and fashions in order to match up with the trending world.  The fashion designers are like dark horses who make the fashion industry grow and grow to endless heights. 

There are many fashion designers in our blue planet that made the fashion industry stand right at the front row in development.  Their hard work and contribution in the field of fashion definitely deserves a tribute.  Let us see the world’s famous top 10 fashion designers who ruled the people’s hearts with their outstanding talent in designing.

Top 10 fashion designers in the world 2016

We are sharing with you the top 10 fashion designers in the world depending on their contribution to fashion industry and their outstanding innovations of fashions and tends.

10. Kate Spade

Kate Spade is an American designer who is born in Kansas.  She is well known for her innovative designs in handbags and stylish attires. She founded a brand with her name “Kate Spade New York”.  Kate has minored in accessory designs and started her career with handbags designing. She is a creativity stylist who designs and delivers stylish wears and bags/clutches for especially for women.  She has designed lots and lots of unique designs in purses, and also has various other fashion accessories and beauty products such as perfumes, eye-wear, stylish stationary and shoes under her sleeve. 

9. Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is an Italian designer who is named for her spring collection for both men and women.  She is the Vice President and also the chief designer of the Versace Group.  She is the first person to launch celebrities into the runway as models promoting her designs.  The brand Versace is famous all over the world for all the luxury products.  Most of her designs were admired by lots of A-listers.  She took the help of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Christiana Aguilera, Demi Moore and others to promote her brands.

8. Marc Jacobs

Marc who hails from New York is the head designer of “Marc by Marc Jacobs”, “Diffusion Line”, “Marc Jacobs”, and “Louis Vuitton”.  The attires and accessories designed by Marc acclaimed to be designed with high-quality and with ultimate looks.  While he was studying at Parson College of Design he had his footing into designing and when he had footing into real field of fashion he managed to gain the attention of A-listers with his outstanding work of art in designing attires and other stuff.

7. Jean Paul Gaultier

The French designer Jean Paul Gaultier is known for his unique and creative designs since 1980.  He was labeled with two names Jean Paul Gaultier, and Hermes.  He is famous in the entire world for his unique style in designing and is named as “enfant terrible” of France.  At the start of his career he worked with some big shots like Pierre Cardin, Jacques Esterel and Jean Patou. 

6. Coco Chanel

The designs from Coco Chanel are unique and elegant and are way too famous all over the world.  She is one among those designers who come up with a trademark of designs and styles in attires, removing the use of corsets.  Her designs are always vogue and unique and are never been compared with fashions from other designers. 

5. Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is yet another well-named and popular fashion designer in the entire world.  He is a multi talented person who is pro at designing costumes as well as photographing.  He founded a fashion brand on his own name.  He has worked with other brands like Chanel, Chloe, jean Patou, and H&M and is as creative director.

4. Ralph Lauren

Designer Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer who especially is famous for his summer and winter collections designs. Most of the famous fashion weeks held all over the world invites presentation of his designs.  Most of Ralph’s collections are showcased in New York based fashion outlets.

3. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are two fashion designers who worked together and delivered awesome designs.  Most of their designs were showcased by British model Naomi Campbell in fashion shows held.  They are specialists in designing unique styles of gowns and models and celebs look forward to try their designs and catwalk down the ramp.

2. Giorgio Armani

“Armani Exchange” is a fashion house where all the costumes and fashion accessories designed by Giorgio Armani were displayed.  There are zillions of varieties of costumes and footwear designed by Armani.  He is one among the great names in the designing field who hails from Italy and has footing in this field since 1970.

1. Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani is an Italian fashion designer who has founded a brand in his name “Valentino SpA”.  He has designed costumers for famous celebs around the world like Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Queen Paola of Belgium, Princess Margaret and many other famous A-listers.









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