The Brand New Change - 'See Now Buy Now' In Fashion Weeks

The Brand New Change - 'See Now Buy Now' In Fashion Weeks

There are many named brands like Burberry, Tom Ford, Rebecca Minkoff, Vetements etc, which made their name with their exceptional collections.  The most awaited New York Fashion Week has undergone some changes, which is why we took the avatar of a little bird to tell you the story behind it. 

The thing is the traditional fashion calendar in which the designers exhibit their collections and release the collection into the market after months time has seen its end.  The end is not for the Fashion week, but for the “months’ time”.  Now the buyer need not eagerly wait for the products to hit the market in order to buy them.  He/she can immediately buy them after the fashion show ends. 

Whatever you see on the runway you will get to buy it immediately after the show.  That is quite an announcement, right!  This is seriously a giant change that NYFW is going through.  So you no need to put your precious time into waiting for months to get that piece of tremendous outfit that you have seen on the runway.

The Brand New Change - 'See Now Buy Now' In Fashion Weeks

This is pretty good news for the fashionistas and fashion week admirers who do a lot of purchase in every fashion week they attend.  Emily Dougherty, Elle's beauty, and fitness director say that “There is an accessibility and immediacy that beauty's always had on the runway”, "Because if you see a beautiful lip, you can recreate it. The magic happens when somebody makes something that's a shade you haven't seen before, like a weird muted chalky violet lip that all of a sudden looks so amazing and fresh and there hasn't been one you can go out and buy."  In present fashion week trend where the buyer has to wait months in order to get the product that he/she liked in the runway is no more into rules.  They pulled off the rule and now you can get the product right away after the ramp show. 

This is a fantastic chance for beauty brands to showcase and sell their products immediately after the show.  This is so very unlike a fashion collection.  Normally, the beauty brands that are showcased in the show will be available in the market at later time, but this time whenever a beauty product is going onto the ramp it will be planned a year or more in advance, so that the product will be available immediately for sale and also it reduces the production challenges compared to fashion collection.  There are top brands like MAC and Maybelline, which showcase their new products on the runway and they create their products before the runway show and many a times months before. 

The main brands that are benefited by this new format are Burberry, Tom Ford, Gucci, Armani, and Chanel.  They have the capability to manage both beauty side and fashion side in the business.  The brands like Burberry and Tom Ford's have already started their plans for this coming September to implement the new format.  Burberry always showcases its collection in the backstage whenever a show is held for the press.  Burberry has already had its footing in this see it/buy it a concept in beauty sale before and is a bit experienced with this format whereas Tom Ford has stuck to its old strategy and mostly is planning for the change. 

In reality, the beauty brands will sponsor the fashion shows to be held.  The brands that offer heavy sponsors to fashion shows always look forward to being rewarded with impressions with the help of ramp walk.  Making the products accessible to the makeup artists immediately after the show would make it more worth to use than making the product available after months gap. 

There are also things that will be affected because of this new format change in the fashion weeks.  Selling the products immediately after the show will bring scarcity for the products to shoot.  Dougherty says that "Fifteen years ago I could do a runway review that was like, 'This was the red lip at Dior' and my readers wouldn't have known about it. Now everybody knows what red lip was at Dior as soon as the first girl hits the runway". 

There are lots of things that fall in track with the introduction of this new format into fashion weeks.  This is definitely a thumb up for big shot brand companies, but small brand companies suffer a bit with this new move.  This is because in order to sponsor a show the brand has to invest a lot of money into it.  If the new format is introduced the investment made by the brand would turn into the press, buzz, and immediate sales and the branded beauty companies from a queue, but this is not the case with small brand companies.  Unlike this, designers will be benefited by receiving sponsorship from the beauty sponsors to run their shows. 

At the end, with an increase in the commercial aspect, there would be a potential risk associated with artistic integrity.  It is very essential to forecast the trend when the companies are determined to showcase their runway collection and sell them off immediately.  The decision of what to introduce into the market for the coming show is decided by both the designers and brands beforehand.  This would literally affect and limit the creative artists like hair stylists' and makeup artists' to go beyond and invent new styles.  Unless and until it does not limit the artist’s freedom of creating there won’t be any issues with this new format. 

This new format that is going to be introduced very soon on the ramp shows is definitely a major change in the fashion industry.  The things we have discussed so far are just what we can see from outside, but once the format is introduced the exact graph will be out with lows and highs.  This is definitely a golden opportunity for most of the beauty brands as well as the buyers.  We have to wait and see who the fashion industry is going to welcome this huge change.







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