Aquamarine Jewelry - The ‘Gem’ Of The Sea

Aquamarine Jewelry - The ‘Gem’ Of The Sea

People have been awestruck with gemstone jewelry for ages. It’s a well – known fact that jewelry can be faceted gemstone with different types of stones. There are many semi-precious stones too that are astonishing and luminous.  Gemstones or semi-precious stones have always been valued for their beauty and buoyancy. 

Gone are the days where only the kings and People with high levels used to wear gemstones. It has become a common sight these days both celebs to common people wearing these stones for wide-ranging reasons.

Aquamarine is one of the attractively beautiful gemstones. From the daylight blue of the sky to the brilliant blue of the sea at nights, aquamarine stone shines over an unusually beautiful range of blue hues. Mostly sparkling blue of course.

People who are spellbound on the Aquamarine stone that makes you listen to the boisterous waves of the sea and action-packed ripples of the river the one that rivals diamonds in its beauty.

Aquamarine Jewellery is one such admired forms of semi-precious jewel – accessories that are existing in stunning shades of blue and green also. A close cousin of the emerald, aquamarine can vary between brilliant blue to greenish blue hue and entirely green blue.

Originated from its Latin word, Aquamarine of the beryl species, which means seawater or water of the sea; the prefix ‘aqua’ means water and suffix ‘marina’ which means the sea. No wonder, if we glance through the pages of the ancient times, aquamarine is accredited to as a sailor’s stone since it was found in the fortune repository which belonged to one of the mermaids.

Selecting Aquamarine Stone:

While shopping out there for this stone, it is essential for you to take utmost care to buy the right stones so as to avoid getting the artificial stones. Gemstones are judged by the "Four Cs" of Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight, with the color being the most important consideration, by far.

Most often, natural gemstones and man-made gemstones are difficult to be identified with a naked - eye. Separating genuine from fake stones can be a tough task. Shopping for gemstones can be confusing.

A trusted and reputed aquamarine jewellery store in your hinterland or in your locale` should be your best source. Not a bad idea to look for online shopping as well. But while doing so, make sure to check the market rating of the shop dealer you are buying from.  To do that key in “aquamarine engagement rings vintage” on your browser, go to the search tab and then go shopping at top online stores.

Before buying any aquamarine stone-studded jewellery does a scrupulous scrutiny of the various shades of aquamarine that range from bluish green to light turquoise to sea blue. Dark-colored gems are expensive, whereas those with different shades of green are less valuable, inexpensive and readily available.

If you are planning to go for any expensive or wedding ring, good to consult a Gemologist. Gemology or gemmology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gemstone materials. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy. Some jewelers are academically trained gemologists and are qualified to identify and evaluate gems. 

It is also important for you to double check with your jeweller or cross check with your gemologist if the aquamarine stone has been treated before. Some jewellery designers use dyeing, coating and heat techniques to mislead the shine of the stone which reduces the quality and devalue the gem.

Ensure to check with the dealer for certification on the gem. You better buy any such accessory from the dealer who provides you a letter that should contain information about chemical treatments, stone quality, its shades, and cuts, the design of the band, warranty period and overall costs.

Remember that perfect gemstone should be clear from cracks and inclusions.

Also remember to take exact measurements of your finger, neck, arm, or ear before placing the order.

Since a transparent blue version of beryl, aquamarine is found in a wide array of colors – pale blue to deep blue with a hint of green. It is said that deeper the color, the more expensive turns out to be the stone.

The price of Aquamarine Jewellery largely depends on how saturated the color is and how large is the cut.

Significance of Aquamarine:

Gemstones have a special significance in astrology. It is believed that gemstones are used from ages to unshackle one’s personal problems.   In ancient days only the noble families or People with high levels used to put on gemstones recommended by astrologers to help unleash themselves from their varied problems.

It has been scripted in many cults that aquamarine has the power to preserve love and positive sentiments. Thus, the belief is still unrelenting to gift aquamarine jewelry to their partners, after completing their wedding rituals.

Aquamarine stone is a sanguine, slight and valuable gem. Its light blue stimulates feelings of compassion, conviction, concord and friendship coupled with good feelings. Feelings that rely on affinity and which establish their merit in long - lasting relationships. The blue of aquamarine is a divine, ceaseless color because it reflects the color of the sky.

People who prefer wearing fine jewellery will know that aquamarine stone seems better when exposed to artificial light. This is a good choice for evening events such as dinners.


Take a deep look at ice-blue Aquamarine cuts delimited by flashing Diamonds in this Aquamarine Gemstone Slice & Diamond Detail Earrings. Weighing all of 0.81 carats, the Aquamarines are complemented by 18 carats white gold.

Dress up your ears with this heavenly pair of aquamarine cluster earrings arranged in an oval shape. Mounted in 14ct white gold, it’s hard to miss out on the diamond in the center of each earring.


Diamonds are unparalleled and fabulous. But nothing outshines the inimitable charm of the pristine sea water aquamarine. Astrologers recommend aquamarine stone protects the wearer against evil spirits and marital disharmony.

Wearing Antique aquamarine jewelry is trendy and one of the most sought after in loved gemstones. Varying from sky blue, baby blue to even deep ocean blue, aquamarine gemstone holds an iconic timeless appeal. Needless to say, it is considered by many as the ideal engagement ring.

Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone. Women find it irresistible for its fine blue shades as it complements almost any skin or eye color. Ingenious gemstone designers are enthused by this stone as there is hardly any other gem, which facilitates them to craft the cuts they intend to design.







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