Fashion Tips For Roly-Poly Beauties

Fashion Tips For Roly-Poly Beauties

Hi chubbies!!!  How are you all doing?  Hope you all are doing great.  Today we are here to share with you all some exciting stuff about fashion.  Are you a roly-poly beauty?  If so then you did the right click with your mouse, which directed you to our site.  We earthlings live on this earth with freedom.  We make rules to break them.  We dress up the way we love.   Fashion is something that treats everyone equally.  Let that be a chubby one, lean one, dark one or white toned one everyone are one and the same when it comes to fashion world.  The only thing that highlights is the confidence to shine on.

Fashion Tips For Roly-Poly Beauties

In the days of old, fashion designers used to concentrate more on designing clothes for women who are in perfect shape, but now the time has changed.  Our thoughts, our mindsets, and the fashion everything has totally changed.  Fashion is not dependent on the shape or size of the person.  It is something that mingles with any body size or shape.  The only thing is that the person should be confident enough to carry it.  We are here today to tell the chubbiest of the chubbies about the best fashion trends of present time. 

Time to break the rules

We are the God’s own creations.  There is nothing to blame a person about their looks.  Everyone has their own charm.  Let that be chubby, lean or something else it is their personal thing, which should never be pointed out at.  The old rules of fashion are no more into action.   New fashion rules were set for the women who are chubby.  These rules won’t rule you.  They instead will inspire you about the fashion trends and makes you more excited about the attires you are dreaming to wear. 

So here are the fashion tips for our roly-poly beauties.

Love the way you are

There may be many things that you here from people saying about your body that are hurtful sometimes.  As I said earlier, we are the God’s own creation.  If someone points at you on your looks don’t get hurt or don’t look down on yourself.  Just control+Alt+Del their words from your mind.  The only thing to fight with this situation is to love the way you are.  It is very important to love yourself.  If you do not love yourself then no one will.  If you do not defend yourself then no one in the world will come and take a stand for you.  It is that simple.  There may be many fingers that are pointing towards your fat body saying that you don’t look good in this outfit, you better don’t wear it, it looks worst on you etc, just ignore them.  It is important to take good care of your health and be fit, but if you are obese there is nothing to worry about.  Just be the way you want to be, do what you want to do, and wear what you want to wear.  We won’t ask you to lose your weight and come so that we will suggest you the fashion tips.  Simply love your body, wear whatever you are comfortable in and just rock the world. 

Don’t go for shape wear

Shape ware is something that is preferred by most of the fat people these days.  Even before wearing it one has to think that is it really mandatory to wear such shape wears and make oneself feel uncomfortable and suffocated.  Body shapers, power panties, shape wear, spanx, etc., are most preferred wear by fatty women.  It is a bit sad that they are making themselves uncomfortable and suffocated in tight wears just to cover up their fattiness a bit and to present themselves to the world in the best way.  Tight fits are not at all good as they make us feel suffocated.  It is always advised to wear whatever you are comfortable in.  Don’t just wear attire just for the heck of it.  Chubby lasses no need to wear tight fitting outfits to look good or slim.  Just wear something like maxis, skirts and peplum tops etc, which brings out the cute side cool looks out of you.

Go with the fashion of prints

Prints can be in any form.  They may be horizontal, vertical, floral, animal prints and many more.  As per the old fashion trends chubby women are suggested not to wear printed outfits because they may look fattier in them.  They say that the prints are so unflattering on the fat body.  The thing that one has to remember is that the clothes won’t make you look thin or fat.  It is your own body that makes you look thin or fatty.  So there is not much use in skipping the printed wear.  If you adore printed patterns then make sure to try them on yourself.  The confidence you have on your face while wearing your favorite printed attire would answer the questions to be popped up from others.

Don’t ever go for one size large

If someone suggests you to buy a one size large than yours then make sure not to obey them.  We are not telling you to rebel, but our intension is pretty clear.  Just read on.  If you are picking up one size larger than yours it is a sign that you are feeling like you are going to gain more weight and become fattier.  So if someone is telling you to buy one size large it means that they are thinking that you are going to add one more pound to your weight.  Don’t go for one size large, instead go for one size large, especially when you are willing to buy cut outs, crop tops, skinnies or leggings.  Just wear what you want to wear and enjoy loving what you wear.

Try out the colors

Don’t just stick to black color.  Instead try all types of colors that you want to try on yourself.  There are lots of colors that fill this world with beauty.  Choose the colors that you adore most and give them a try. 

So chubby lasses these are our rule breakers.  Hope you enjoyed reading.  Make certain to live them so that you can love yourself more.   







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