How To Drape A Dupatta With Jeans

How To Drape A Dupatta With Jeans

Duppatta with jeans?  You must be thinking we are crazy, right!!!  No lasses, we are absolutely not.  After all it is a fashion that is trending now.  If you want to walk with it then you can welcomingly join our article and read on to know what exactly we are talking about.  Fashion is something that is linked with time.  With time everything changes.  When lasses wear jeans most of them won’t prefer to wear any dupatta or something like that just because it is not the trend or style.

Scarves replaced the dupattas at some point of time as they are very trendy and stylish and compliment the western wear too well. They are still trending to date and the new style is use of dupattas just like we use scarves on western wear.  We cannot call it as a replacement style, but it does share the same bond as scarf and do the same work as scarf. 

How To Drape A Dupatta With Jeans

If you have lots of Indian wear and now updated your outfits to jeans or fed up with western look and want to add a bit of traditional look to it then you have knocked the right door.  We have wonderful ideas that will help you to change your look.  If you have lots of Indian wears and you don’t want to use them for time being or have slawar suits that are faded out, but perfectly new dupattas then we have a great idea for you.

Our wondrous strange idea is that use the beautifully fabricated dupattas on jeans in place of scarves.  You can wrap the dupatta in different styles on jeans so that it would be a style statement.  You no need to learn much in order to style this on you.  We will make it simple for you with our crystal clear explanation.   Just read on…

Different ways of draping a dupatta on a jean

Dupattas are normally lengthy and are a bit traditional, but they would definitely compliment your jean look if you drape them in a style that fits the bill.  If you are aware of the basics on how to drape a scarf then you are half done.  Let us see the different ways of draping a dupatta on a jean.

Chanderi dupattas are now being used by most of the girls.  Your closet would definitely contain a multicolored chanderi dupatta.  If you had one then you can start draping.  Take the dupatta and tie it around your neck like the way you do it with scarf.  Now let the dupatta spread over the body to showcase the design.

To make the cloth appear more perfectly tuck it.  A white top with skinny jean would compliment this style of dupatta draping. 

If you have a pulkari dupatta in your closet then you got a new western wear top without spending a pie from your wallet.  Just take a phulkari dupatta and twist and turn it and drape it into a jacket.  Just wear a tank top and compliment it with a dupatta.  Tie the knots around shoulders and fit it perfectly with a belt. 

Take a plain dupatta with a gold border and just put it upside down your neck.  Compliment it with a long top and a jean.  This is simple one, but is much used style by women. 

Now it is time for prints.  Take a printed cotton dupatta with colorful blocks.  Wear it with a noodle top or normal white tee shirt.  Drape the dupatta as an accessory.  This style is something you always do with scarf.  Fold the dupatta in half, keep it around your neck, take the loose end of dupatta and pass it through the loop.

Take a dupatta and a belt to support the style you drape it.  Tie the dupatta around your waist like a bow so as to give a fresh look to your tunics. If you think that it is too cutesy, then we will give you another idea.  Fold the dupatta into half and twist it to form a tight roll, tie it around your waist to style it in a different way.  Choose a chiffon dupatta with danglers for better look. 

If you are busy and have no time to press your dupatta then choose a double shaded dupatta and fold it into half.  Put it around your neck upside down and tie it up in double overlapping knots. Compliment this look with contrast coloured top and a denim jean. 

Time to fashion more and more.  Funky look is quite loved by most of the people.  Till now we have done folding, twisting and looping, but let us do something different now.  Now add small danglers to the border to upcycle the cloth and give a whimsical touch by knotting up one side like a braid. As per your liking either leave the hangings on the other end in the front or pin the edges of the dupatta to front of the trouser. 

If you have a printed chiffon dupatta in your closet then it is your turn now to style yourself with a new look.  Take a chiffon printed dupatta and tie it around your neck.  Loop it around twice leaving the edges of the dupatta uneven.  Now make a cutesy bow asymmetrically. 

 It is very important to walk with the present trend and fashion in order to catch up with the fast moving world.  It is good idea to recycle the dupattas and use them in another form.  It is like balancing both traditional and western wear without looking down on anything.  Not just in these styles, you can also try and drape the dupatta in different styles if you want.  The thing you have to remember is the fabric and the color combination of it.  If the fabric doesn’t support the style you choose to drape it then it would be a big fashion disaster.  Then, happy draping!!!









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