How To Give Your Old Pair Of Jeans A New Touch

How To Give Your Old Pair Of Jeans A New Touch

We human beings normally get attached to everything.  Even though it is a materialistic thing we relate ourselves with that thing and never let it go away from us even after knowing that it is of no use for us.  We mostly do this ritual with our outfits.  We cannot just throw them away when they are faded out and there is no way for us to fit in it, especially jeans.  If you are good at maintaining your shape and size then it is okay, but if not they are first things to be wasted. 

How To Give Your Old Pair Of Jeans A New Touch

Most of the people prefer buying branded jeans so that they last longer.  They wear it, wear it, and wear it until it loses its life, but still longs to wear it saying to them that one last time.  If you are such a person who longs for your old faded jeans a lot and wants to wear it again and again then here are few ideas for you.  We are not going to suggest you to replace it with same exact jean, but will help you to do dye it so that it will look no less than the new one.  You can dye it yourself at home without anyone’s help.  You no need to be a professional to do so, just follow the steps the way we are directing you in order to fill back the life into your old jeans by giving it a new look. 

So here are few ways to dye and repair your old jeans.

Strong jean fabric

As you are wearing the jean for years to date, when you sit to dye it, it may not work out well as it would have already lost its quality because of over usage.  So first check whether the jean is fit for dying.  Even though your jean is faded, it should be strong enough to take one more dying session.  Choose the jean that is faded near the knees and thighs.  Take some dye and make sure it is in indigo color.  You can find the dyes in the fabric stores.  You can also order them in online very easily.  The other things you will need for dying your jean are salt, water, large bucket, pot or an empty sink, dryer for drying the jeans. 

Jeans itself are strong fabrics that won’t lose their quality even after 100 washes (I am talking about branded jeans).  Even though the jean you took for experimenting is not a branded one, it would definitely sustain the max number of washes for years without showing any signs of torns.  Jeans get torn in very rear cases, that too when it is men’s.  There is the almost null probability of a girls’ jean being ripped.  If the jean is torn somewhere we need to put some extra efforts on them, which would be a waste of time.  So choose the jean that is faded, but is not torn anywhere and is capable of sustaining dye.  Get ready with the items needed for dying like indigo dye, sink, and the jean.

Dump the jean and prepare the dye

Soak the jean in water and take it out immediately when it is full wet.  Make sure your jean is just moist and damp and there are no water drops falling from the jean.  Take some water and boil them to hot water.  When the hot water is ready add some salt to the hot water.  Hot water is used instead of normal water because the dye will stick to the fabric for a long time if hot water is used in preparing a dye.  Now add the dye that is either in liquid form or in powder form to the hot water and salt solution.  Mix the solutions well without leaving any lumps.  Let the dye mixed solution boil continuously in the process until it reaches the boiling point.

Time to Dye the jean

Now as the dye is ready to take the jean you wish to dye.  Now put the jean in the pot of boiling water.  Let that jean be completely into the water without leaving any part of the jean out of the pot or water.  If you find that the jeans are not dipping completely in the water then add some water to the solution.  As you have dipped the jean into the hot water dye solution the dye will slowly stick to the jean.  Let your jean stay in that hot dye solution for 20 minutes.  In the process of dying to make sure to stir the solution so that there won’t be uneven dying all over the jean and the dye is evenly distributed.


When you are done with dying your jeans once again check it for any uneven distribution of dye on the entire jean.  If you find nothing uneven then go for washing.  If your sink is dark colored then you can directly wash your jean under the tap, but if not it would leave your sink basin with dye marks. You can opt for large pots or buckets to wash your jeans.  You can also do it in the washing machine.  Wash your jean thoroughly and then dry it with the help of a dryer.  Whenever you are washing your jean no matter how many buckets of water you use to do it finally make sure that the water is clear. 

Sometimes when you dyed an old jean it may be torn in some areas due to the procedure.  If your jean is torn in the knee are or the zip area then just sew them using same colored thread.  If your jean is torn in a straight line then sew it with crisscross stitches.  If your jean is torn unevenly that you cannot stitch it in any way then use a patch to cover it.  This would be a simple fashion adoption and looks funky and nothing more than that.  You can cut the length of the jean to half and make it a short or dye it with another color to give it a new look.    So this is how you can give your old pair of jeans a new touch and thereby new look.







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