Inspiring Scarf Hairdos That Are Absolutely Stylish

Inspiring Scarf Hairdos That Are Absolutely Stylish

There are days when scarves became our saviors.  Scarves are trending a lot and they are becoming the style statements most of the times.  Women are using them in lot more ways than we can expect to fashion themselves.  The commonest way people use a scarf is they just wear them in different styles on the top of the attire.  And another common way women use it is they cover their hair to protect their hair from pollution.  The new patterns and styles of scarves ask for more and they are now being used to style the tresses.  Using scarves to make hairdos is nothing new, but the hairdos that we are presenting you today with the help of scarves are undoubtedly the brand new ones. 

Inspiring Scarf Hairdos That Are Absolutely Stylish

Keeping the commonest use of a scarf away, why not we try the rarest use of scarf here?  It will be unique, definitely, will.  The rarest use is obviously to use it in making different hairdos.   These scarf hairdos are not difficult to try to difficult to carry.  If you are a fashionista or at least want to be one then you will no matter what will learn it in one or two sittings.  We are here today to inspire you will scarf hairdos that are absolutely stylish in their own way. 

Headband scarf

This headband scarf look is literally a chic one.  You will adore this hairdo for sure and it is very easy to try on too.  All you need to do is just get a scarf of any print you would like to tie your head with and wrap it around your head from back to front and cross the scarf.  Take the ends of the scarf back to the head to tie a knot.  If you have wavy tresses then your look would look absolutely chic. 

Cinnamon bun scarf 

For this hairdo, you have to use a double shade scarf.  The two shade scarf is used to showcase the pattern of the hairdo clearly.  This is a twisty hairdo that takes not much time to style.  Take a two shade scarf and put it around your head covering your top head of hair and summon the scarf to one side.  Now start twisting and turning the scarf round and round like a bun until the ends of the scarf are reached.  Now pin the scarf tightly to the hair.  This is the best scarf hairdo that will protect your hair from pollution.  You can also try this hairdo if your hair is sweaty and smelly. 

Headscarf wrap

This headscarf wrap hairdo is quite a cutesy one.  This is a bit like the vintage look but goes well with today trend.  Take a long square scarf to try this headscarf warp hairdo.  If you have a short hair this is the perfect hairdo.  You no need to have long strands in order to put up with this hairdo.  Just take the scarf, fold it crossly and wrap it from under the head to the top of the head and tie a double knot leaving the ends of the scarf lie in the air. 


This is an old hairdo that has acclaimed for its wonderful look.  Even though it is an old age look, it has made its place into new trends with its ultimate style.  This is the easy and fun wear to tie a scarf around your head.  Take a scarf and fold into a small cloth.  Tie the scarf around your head in such a way that the ends of the scarf lie on your shoulder.  Hairdo with side bangs would go a long way with this particular scarf hairdo. 

Twisted turban

This is the look for women who love their previous time and who don’t like to put their precious into trying different hairdos, but still want to look dashing.  This is the simple and less time-consuming hairdo that will fashion you to the best.  This is cutest hairdo and women who feel irritated with falling hair on their neck can try this one out.  Put your entire head of hair in a high bun leaving the side bangs if any.  Take a scarf and fold it in such a way that it is about 4 to 5 inch wide.  Wrap the band from underneath the head to the top of your head and tie it in the form of a bow.  If you have extra or long ends of the scarf falling tuck it in the wrap.

Cornrow Braids with a scarf

This one is a unique one that not most of the women try.  Cornrow braid itself is a unique hairdo that very few people try.  Instead of interfering with the actual cornrow braid hairdo, we have tried something different.  Tie your hair in any style of cornrow braid and when you are done with it take a scarf and fold it with cross ends.  Tie it around your head from back of the head to the forehead and make a small cutesy bow there. 

Beach look scarf hairdo

Take a light scarf that is square in shape.  Fold the cloth a little bit down; don’t go all the way down to the edge.   Take the scarf and bring it over your head and tie it around your head like you do with a band.  Go behind the head and tie two knots.  When you are done with the knots pull the knotted area to the side.  Bring the entire scarf all the way to let or right side.  If you have bangs bring them out of the scarf and set them free.  This is the perfect beach look that goes a long way.

Scarf braided hairdo

This is a bit of traditional one unlike our previous scarf hairdos, but we add a modern touch to it with our solid-hued scarf.  Take a soft silky scarf and side braid your hair.  Let the scarf go along with the locks you are pulling into a braid. 

These are the inspiring scarf hairdos that are absolutely stylish.  Make sure to try them whenever you feel like doing them.  Happy scarf hair doing!







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