Picking Up Right Lingerie For Your Body That Goes Well With Your Attire

Picking Up Right Lingerie For Your Body That Goes Well With Your Attire

Most of the girls love to shop their lingerie and feel that it is fun to do, but what is tricky in lingerie shopping is picking the exact piece of lingerie that goes well with our body as well as our attire.  The shopping of linger is difficult not just because of the varieties of patterns of lingerie from which we have to choose the perfect one, but it is also difficult to shop lingerie because we have to keep in mind our body shape as well as the outfit under which this particular lingerie should be worn. 

Most of the girls won’t be having any idea that particular lingerie should be worn with the particular outfit.  All they look for is size, quality, and sometimes fancy type lingerie and nothing more than that.  Most of the girls get glued to colorful and fancy lingerie because of their look. 

Sometimes they forget about the other features they have to check in order to buy the perfect lingerie by falling into the trap of the colorful and fancy lingeries, but our lingerie plays an essential role in our overall looks.  If uncomfy lingerie is worn it will feel conscious all the day.  At the same time if your worn loose lingerie you would feel more uncomfortable and conscious. 

Picking Up Right Lingerie For Your Body That Goes Well With Your Attire

It is very important to keep in mind the two key conditions while shopping for lingerie.  One is your body shape and the other is whether it suits your wardrobe collection or not.  If your lingerie selection does not satisfy any of one condition, the other condition is obviously a waste.  So make sure you keep both the key conditions while shopping for lingerie. 

The occasion for which you have chosen particular lingerie to wear also matters a lot.  If you have chosen high neck lingerie for your date with your boyfriend or husband then you will be absolutely out of the game.  The lingerie you choose under a particular outfit always should make you stand out by flattering your shape of the body. 

We are here today to serve you in silver plates with our article on lingerie selection.  Just read through the article to know how to choose perfect lingerie for your body shape that goes well with your attire.

Picking up right lingerie for your body

Know what your shape is

The primary move towards choosing the right lingerie is to find your right shape.  If you are not aware of your body shape you will end up buying the salesmen choice, who just asks for your size.  There are normally four types of body shapes such as apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle.  First, examine yourself and find out which body shape yours is.  While examining, you have to consider every measurement of your body.  If you are done with your measurement making of your body then you can go for next step. 

Keep in mind the occasion

You have to keep in mind for which occasion and under which outfit you are going to wear your lingerie.  If you have a date with your BF or hubby you can put up a bit of cleavage show before them with deep neck lingerie.  If you are going to choose lingerie to wear under your office wear then you have to go for some comfortable lingerie, which can help you stay cool all the day.  Don’t ever go out of your comfort zone.

Try them before buying

In order to know whether that fits the picture perfectly or not, you have to try them on your body and see.  That is the only way you can know whether it is perfect size or not.  Before purchasing them, make sure to try them in the store itself.  Instead of sticking yourself to the lingerie you are wearing to date, try to go for varieties of the collection in lingerie and choose the one that suits your body perfectly.  See how the cloth of the lingerie feels on your skin and whether there is any problem with the clips or elasticity of the lingerie. 

If you are done with above steps you have half work done.  Now you have to pair the right lingerie with right attire, only then your work will see the end.  The inner wear you wear will make a great impact on the outfit you wear.  So you have to bear that in mind before choosing the lingerie for a particular outfit. 

What lingerie to wear under particular outfit?

Tops, Shirts & T-shirts

When you wear a top, shirt, or T-shirt make sure to choose molded cup bra.  If your top has a wide neckline or is off-shoulder then go for a demi cup bra.  The straps will be out of the revealing area.  If you wear a tight top then go for a seamless bra.  If you wear a sleeveless tank top then go for a convertible bra. 

Dresses & Gowns

If you wear a dress or a gown make sure to go for a seamless bra with shaped fitting panties.  The seamless bra is chosen because the stitching and designs on the bra won’t show up from the outfit.  If you wore a backless dress go for a backless bra.  If you are going to wear stockings then go for thongs or boy so as to cover up the panty line.

Salwar Suits

If you wear a salwar suit make sure to go for a molded cup bra, which will go absolutely well with your suit.  You can wear any type of panties that you are comfortable in, but if you are wearing a churidar or leggings then go for thongs so as to hide the panty lines.  When you go for a Patiala you can wear anything you want to adore.

You have to cover other points too while choosing a lingerie i.e., the hue of the lingerie.  If you go for contrast colors they would literally pop up from the outfits.  If you are wearing light, white or pale colored clothes go for skin colored lingerie.  If you are wearing dark, black or printed clothes go for any dark colored lingerie that matches the color of your top. 

If you want to wear a white dress make sure not to wear white lingerie under them.  Go for skin colored lingerie instead of white colored lingerie.  So these are the steps to choose the right lingerie that makes you stand out in the crowd.







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