Plus Size Fashion Tips And Fashion Secrets For Heavy Beauties

Plus Size Fashion Tips And Fashion Secrets For Heavy Beauties

Beauty is beauty whether it is plus size or zero sizes.  There is no rule book that says that only zero size or women with “Miss India measurement” are beautiful and plus size women are not.  Even though there are such rules; rules are just made by humans and are meant to be broken depending on the situation and time.  There are days when plus size women are not considered as beautiful even though they are perfect beauties, but gone are the days that have such considerations for plus size beauties.  Now people adore plus size beauties a lot.  Even men are tending to love women who are chubby and cute.  Fashion is something that makes people stand out.  It works wonders and pushes us to stay in style all the time.  

Plus Size Fashion Tips And Fashion Secrets For Heavy Beauties

Beauty is not at all related to body size.  It should never be compared with the weight or height.  I remember an adage here, “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.  So beauty is just what the other person sees in you, not how you look like.  I am here today to share present fashion tips and fashion secrets with our dear plus size beauties that will keep them at the top in this fast moving fashion world. 

God has made every person in the world very uniquely.  The uniqueness is so much to an extent that the fashion that suits for one person won’t go well with another person of same age and size.  Even though it fits the bill, it won’t grab the eye.  Plus size women should never become copycats when it comes to their clothing.  They should never inspire the women who are thin or in zero sizes.  Every person has their owned style.  The style should always be complemented with perfect fashion.  The look will rock only when both fashion and style are perfectly matched with each other.  

So we are going to tell you beautiful tales where you are the stunning plus size protagonists who will don the fashion world with our fashion tips and secrets.

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Beauties

Dare to go for V-Necks

There are times when V-neck dresses are not at all appreciated by plus size women, but those times are no more and now you are absolutely allowed to put them on and rock on.  Go and shop for deep V-neck tops that you dreamed for a long time to wear and adore.  There is a misconception that V-neck tops won’t look great on plus size women and are only designed for lean women, but it just remained as a misconception and nothing more than that.  Just wear and adore as much as much want.

Choose dark colors

Bright colors are too good for plus size women as they grab the attention of the eyes from getting onto the lumps of the body.  Whenever you choose to wear heavy dresses make sure you go for dark colors.  The thumbs rule for plus size women is that make sure you people wear darker colors. 

Don’t over accessorize

If you are planning to wear blouses and cholis make sure they are less accessorized and studded.  Heavy studded outfits and accessories may disturb the entire look most of the times.  In the same way, don’t go heavy with your jeans and other trousers as they make the same sense.

Avoid short sleeves

If you are heavy, it is obvious that you will have chubby hands.  It would be always better not to reveal them to the world.  Long sleeves may not fit perfectly and your arms seem like they are heavy if you wore over tight long sleeves.  So whatever type of outfits you choose to wear, make sure not to choose short sleeved outfits. 

Statement jewelry

If you are a lover of jewelry then you will love this tip to the crux.  Even though you are plus size you are allowed to keep all plus size jewelry.  Choose statement jewelry like neckpieces and other accessories.  They look great on you and you look great with that jewelry on you. 

Avoid unsettled fabrics

The fabric with which the outfit is designed does matter a lot.  If the fabric is not comfortable for you to carry it would make you feel unsettled and clingy.  So choose fabrics that you feel comfortable in wearing.  Know that your comfort is your confidence.   Choose outfits that are designed with soft cotton and velvets.

Long Tops

Long tops go a long way in the fashion path for plus size beauties.  Instead of wearing tops that are waist or just below the waist length it would good if plus size beauties wear long tops.  Longer tops create an illusion through which you look slimmer than you are and of course lengthier than you are. 

Put on a Belt

You no need to have a very slim and thin waistline to put on a belt.  Just make sure your waist is not too heavy that it gets divided if a belt is set on the waist.  You can also wear trousers with low waistlines and can hide your belly to some extent.

Don’t lean on tight outfits

Don’t ever buy clothes that are too tight to your body.  Plus size women should bind to this rule and don’t ever tend to break it.  Stay away from tight outfits as they will make you look fatter by unfolding your heaviness to the world clearly.

Don’t wear out of size clothes

Just like we asked you not to wear tight outfits, we are also asking you not to wear out of size outfits.  Don’t ever choose oversize clothes.  They make your appearance more heavy and lumpy.  If you have a misconception that oversized outfits will cover your heaviness, then you are absolutely wrong. 

These are the best plus size fashion tips and secrets for heavy beauties.  You will damn surely look your best if you follow these simple tips we have shared with you.  Celebrate the plus size fashion!!!







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