Style Statement Flats To Complement Your Attires

Style Statement Flats To Complement Your Attires

The footwear we wear should always match the attire and should enhance the overall look.  We should bear in mind that footwear does matter a lot in order to make the entire look perfect.  Perfect attire with imperfect footwear would be worst to look at the hard work you put into dress up would go into vain.  So it is very important to choose the perfect footwear that aggregates the entire look. 

No matter what, the best and comfy footwear are always flats.  They are stylish, trendy and the comfiest footwear to date.  Along with that, the pro that is associated with flats is that there would be none to slim side effects associated with regular wear of flats, unlike other heels.  There are scores of patterns in these flats such as simple flats, flat sandals, shoes, loafers, boots, bellies etc. 

If you are vexed with heels then you can opt for flats as they are the next best option.  They are very trendy and fashionable that go well with almost every attire if worn perfectly.  If you are to pick right footwear for your attire then you have to know some basic rules of picking and choosing.  If you are unaware of how to match the attire and footwear you would literally make fashion blunders.  So why make such blunders if you have our soul support?  We are here to help you with all this stuff and make you people well aware of the perfect match making between footwear and attires.  So scroll down your mouse to check out!

Style statement flats to complement your attires

Today we will be your guide to see through this article about flats and complementary attires for those flats.  So just read on!

Short black dress

If you are wearing a short black dress then wear flats.  As I said earlier, there are lots and lots of patterns in flats.  As you are wearing short length dresses, which are of black hue choose black hued footwear only.  You can wear any type of sandals with a dress.  If you wear a maxi dress, wear flat shoes that cover the sole such as ballets, loafers etc.  Don’t choose above-the-ankle flats for maxi attires won’t work for maxi dresses especially sneakers or loafers. If you are a wearing a transparent maxi dress then Gladiators would do a lot of good.  Don’t ever wear laced shoes with lace dresses; instead, try them in reverse.  Even pumps and bellies go well with short dresses.


Short trousers or full trousers, trousers that are folded upwards with a shirt or jean go absolutely well with flats.  Heels would look dull with these attires.  You can even try wearing sneakers, pumps or loafers.  You can also wear bellies or laced flat shoes if you are wearing plain tops.  You can also team up ripped jeans with gladiators boots for a heroic look. 

If you are wearing a skinny jean then go for knee length boots or loafers.  If you are wearing a floral printed top or tunic on top of the jean then complement this look with a floral sneaker.  You can also wear them with ankle length trousers. Loafers are formal look givers and so can be worn with trousers to bring out that look.  Sneakers give a sporty look and can be worn regularly with anything informal.  Ketos and flip flops go a long way into fashion when worn with jeans.  Loafers look good with shirts and tees compared to tops and tunics.

Even bell bottom pants can be aggregated with flats, sneakers, loafers, sandals or ketos.

Capris and Shorts

As they are short length attires they should definitely look better and best with flats.  Sneakers are the best footwear that can be worn with denim shorts.   Shorts or short pants can be a tie in with gladiator flaps and flip flops.  Capris go well with shoes, ketos, sneakers, flats, loafers etc.


The style of Kurtis you wear will play the key role in choosing the right flats.  If you are wearing western or short Kurtis than normal flats or bellies would go well, but if you are wearing some Chudidar type Kurtis or traditional ones then they would look great with just is.  Juttis are pretty much traditional wear and go well with long Kurtis.

Short Skirts

Skirts are the best attires that can be unionized with flats of any type.  The skirts can be of any length, from short to middle length and to ankle length and more; flats would compliment them a lot.  For short skirts, you can tie in with any type of flats whereas if you are wearing A-cut skirts you better go with knee length motorcycle, hum boots, loafers.  Gladiators, bellies, flats and lacy flats would look good on short skirts.

Semi length Skirts

Mid-length skirts go well with above-ankle flats or knee-length boots.  Pumps, hum boots, laced up boots all look good on mid length skirts whereas gladiators, motorcycle boots and sneakers add a casual look.

Long Skirts or long midis

Long skirts are once a fashion and most of the lasses have adored them quite for a while.  These long skirts look good with knee length boots.  Long skirts with deep side cuts, when worn with gladiators, would look fantastic.

Mini Dress

Mini dresses are quite pretty and lasses look pretty much cool and chic in them.  Keep length or above knee length mini dresses go well with gladiators.  Even flat peep toes and sneakers go well with them.  As the mini dress just falls till the knees you can wear thigh length flat boots or laced up boots to complement the look.  


Patiala is also fall under traditional wear and can go well with flats and bellies.  If the Patiala are heavy then you can go for just is.

So here ends our matching making between flats and attires.  As these are purely flats there won’t be any sort of pains associated with wearing them.  They are the comfy wear with which you can give your legs and heels a comfy feel.  Hope you enjoyed reading our article.  Go ahead and try these flat fashions on yourself and feel absolutely comfy to do so.







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