Tips To Fashion Yourself

Tips To Fashion Yourself

There are loads fashion trends in the world.  The fashion changes from time to time and place to place.  Few people especially popular celebs set trends with a new style of outfits and accessories and it becomes the trend, which is followed by their followers and fans.  There are thousands and thousands of trendsetters in the world who set eye catchy and breathtaking trends to date.  There are many fashion birds who gave a new meaning to fashion by adding their own essence of style to it.  With every passing day, people are becoming fashion savvy and of course there are quite a lot of fashionistas these days.  Fashion is mainly seen in the outfits and the accessories a particular person carry.  Fashion or being stylish is not just a business of celebs and models.  Even normal college going girls and office going women can do style with a passion towards fashion. 

Tips To Fashion Yourself

Whenever we plan for an outing we consult out the closet and choose the one that suits the occasion and of course us the best.  Let that be traditional attire or western one we will choose it depending on the trend that is running presently.  Before choosing anything we need to first let our mind think about what exact trend is running now and how you have to adopt that in such a way that it looks perfect on you. 

If you are unaware of which fashion trend is running currently then you can check that out in online through various sites.  There are many online sites that offer stuff related to the updated fashion trends time to time (like us).  If you are a good observer then it would be a pro for you.  Just observe the people around you who are following the trend and also follow the fashion channels in idiot boxes to know the present running trend.  It would be a bad idea to wear attires and accessories that don’t suit you.  One has to be comfortable in carrying the attire and that is when we can call it perfect. 

So let us see few fashion reminders that will alarm you every time you are going to take a wrong step towards fashion.

Tips to fashion oneself

Zipper made easy

Many a time’s people suffer from wearing jeans because of the zipper problem.  So in order to get rid of that zipper problem we have a solution for you.  Just attach a small key chain ring through the hole of the zipper.   It will be easy for you to pull up and pull down the zipper easily with the help of the ring attached to the zipper.  You can attach a small ring to the zipper so that you can hide the ring inside your wear. 

Fold the edge of the top to look slim

It is quite common that women love to be slim, at least look slim.  There is no bad in thinking that way.  There are many issues that contribute to fat storage in the body and people looking fatty.  Few things are controllable and few others are not.  Even though you are a little bit plump you can somehow manage with the clothes you choose.  In order to do that you should have pinky knowledge about what suits you and what not.  By choosing the attire that goes well on you and making few changes to it you can look slimmer than you actually are.  For example, if you are wearing a jean and a top, you can fold the lower part of the top 2 inches up so that you can look slim.  You may not become slim, but your appearance to other will be a slim figure comparatively.

Choose the right accessory for your attire

The accessories you wear should absolutely go well with your attire.  Among the accessories, especially the necklace is quite an important accessory that should be taken care of.  Let that be a traditional wear or western wear make sure that the neckpiece you are wearing is aptly suited with your attire and is complementing your attire.  The attire and the accessories you wear should always match with each other; otherwise, it would present you in an odd way to the world.  Even in accessories, there are traditional types and western types.  So depending on your attire choose the type of jewelry.

Sometimes exposing works too

Even though exposing the skin is not recommended and appreciated all the times, it does go well at few occasions and with few types of attires.  The exposing skin won’t suit everybody type or every woman.    Even showing off is a talent.  One has to know what part to reveal and what not to reveal, what part to cover with the outfit and what part to the bare outside for the world.  First, know which part of your body is attractive and then dare to show it off to the world.  If your upper body is attractive then choose to reveal your upper body.  If your lower body like thighs and legs looks attractive then go with shorts and skirts.  

Go with bright accessories

Bring colors are always a fashion.  In order to be in the style, you have to go with accessories that are bright in colors.  Most of the people prefer to purchase clothes that are light in color.  They always choose light colors compared to bright colors.  So in order to compliment those light color attires make sure to go with bright color accessories.  Not just jewelry make sure to choose accessories like shoes, bags, wallets etc in bringing colors.  Choose colors like bright yellow, blue etc to compliment your look.

Prefer wearing a shoe lift

If you are short you can manage with a shoe lift.  Sometimes your shortness may be a problem for you.  In order to cover it, you can use a shoe lift and manage your short look.  Go with good shoe lifts and high heels that are of equal height so that you can manage your looks.







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