Vfiles Fashion Week And Behind The Scenes-By Its Founder Julie Anne Quay

Vfiles Fashion Week And Behind The Scenes-By Its Founder Julie Anne Quay

VFiles has laid a golden platform for all the designers who love to introduce their designs to the world with brand names.  The runway shows conducted by VFiles has become so very popular and is being run by a group of fashionistas.  VFiles allows the talented designers to exhibit their designs on their platform and do market for their designs on their behalf.  It helps to promote individual brands for each designer every year, which is the most awaited thing for all the newbies in designing field.  

There are many runways shows that are being conducted from ages and are very famous for their collection, but VFiles with its ultimate motto to introduce new creative designs and creative designers to the world has come up with this VFiles runway concept where it provides a platform to showcase the designs designed by the newbie designers.  VFiles has given a tough competition to all other runway shows with its unique way of making its way into the fashion industry.

Vfiles Fashion Week And Behind The Scenes - By Its Founder Julie Anne Quay

May artists like Migos, A-Trak, and Korean rapper Keith Ape have appeared on VFiles runway in the last seasons and VFiles won the hearts of young designers by creating an ultimate platform like this. 

The founder of this wonderful and appreciative platform is none other than Julie Anne Quay.  In an interview she has given to a popular site, she shared her views about VFiles in depth and backstage after the runway.  She said that "The day after the show, [the runway finalists] are in the VFiles showroom being showcased to retail doors.  It’s a real business".  "This is not, 'Here's your show and see you later!' We're in this together."

She quipped that this season proves to be just as promising and entertaining as the last, with designers Anton Belinskiy, Kim Shui, Sophie Hardeman and Ottolinger showcasing their designs, a quick appearance by Sophie Beem and the panel of judges that includes Virgil Abloh and Harold Koda. 

In her interview with a popular site, she shared about the VFiles casting process, what’s new this season, how they turn the finalists into global brands etc.  So read on to know the particulars about her interview.

How will be the selection process for the VFiles runway show and when does the process start?

She said that they announce the show in November and give a month of time for people to register.  We give a couple of week’s time to engage with our mentors and then announce the winners and give them a month to get prepared for the show.

When does the casting for models, photographers, and stylists take place?

She said that they will do all at once.  As the designers are of primary importance for this runway show the opening for the designers will be closed a bit earlier compared to other categories. 

How do you bring mentors?

She said that they won’t really approach the mentors and assign them to work.  They simply say that "Hey, this show is going to be on this date. Are you in? Do you have time?" And they say either "yes" or "no."  There are many people who have been our mentors to date and this time Harold Koda is donning the role of the mentor.

What exactly are you looking for in a collection?

Number one, we’re looking for energy that comes from really incredible design. Two, we’re obviously looking for creativity. And three, we’re looking for marketability.  They will give it a thought on whether it is going to hit the market with good results or not.  We also look for people who have the skill to execute a particular design to a collection that can be sold globally.  This is because few designers may handle less number of models designs very well, but fail to handle if the number is huge. 

Do mentors disagree about which designers should show?

Of course, they do.  We follow a voting procedure where the mentors vote and we count on the votes to choose the designer.  We discuss which designs will go viral and all. 

VFiles always has interesting performances. How does that come about?

She said that we at VFiles are just like a family and we get lots of emails every day saying that, "Hey, I’m going to be in town on the day of the show.  Do you want me to do something?" And we’re like, "Of course!".  The same happened last year too when Atlanta-based hip-hop group, Migos walked down the aisle.  They said, "Can we be on the runway?" And I was like, "Sure!", she said.  We never come up with an opposed statement of "no" to the people who love to join us. 

What’s new in this season other than the collections?

She said that they are launching their wearable tech partnership, which is named as VFiles_XO.  She also said that “we think about wearable tech and technology in a different way than most wearable companies who are looking at heart rate monitors, blood pressure, etc”.  Sophie Beem has signed to label Parkwood Entertainment is going to be a highlight of our show. 

Do you attend other shows during New York Fashion Week?

She said that she would like to see what’s on the runways, but she doesn’t really visit lots of shows.  She said that she is very much interested in what the kids are doing at VFiles.  She added that “The kids aren’t really paying attention so much to what’s on the runway; it’s more what’s off the runway and how it affects them directly.”

What happens immediately after the runway show and the fashion week comes to an end?

She said that they have a wholesale and PR showroom at VFiles on the third floor, and after the show has completed the day after the show the designers will be showcasing their designs to the retail doors.  Few include Galeries Lafayette, Selfridges, Holt Renfrew, Harvey Nichols, Nordstrom, Barneys, Neiman Marcus and more.

So this is why VFiles is a tree hit in the market and among the fashionistas.  It has created its own space in the fashion industry with its ultimate concept of introducing new designers to the world with brand names and of course marketing the brands into the market, which is a big deal for an individual upcoming designer.







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