What should be worn under yoga pants

What should be worn under yoga pants

Yoga pants play a vital role whilst doing yoga for yoga doers.  These days many people are tending towards yoga and making yoga as their primary source of the workout.  The outfit that we wear whilst doing yoga is quite important.  Not just outfit the lingerie we put on under the clothes also is very important.  Unless and until we are comfortable in our clothes, we cannot pay good attention to the work we are doing; let that be yoga or some other work. 

So it is very important to put on clothes that we feel absolutely comfortable in, especially whilst doing yoga.   Yoga pants are named for their comfort and are mostly used wear by most of the women whilst performing yoga.  Not just whilst doing yoga, few women wear those yoga pants casually too. 

What should be worn under yoga pants?

The tights category of yoga pants is quite disturbing when it comes to showing off the lingerie.  Our intention of performing yoga is ultimate to get in shape and not to expose ourselves to the world by wearing short or uncomfortable clothes.  If you are one who attends yoga classes with lots of people around then it is of primary importance to wear the best lingerie that does not expose any of your body parts. 

The quality of the fabric you are wearing is also very important.  If you prefer to wear cheap quality yoga pants then you must and should wear perfect lingerie to protect your body parts from revealing unnecessarily to the world.  The visible panty lines from the cheap quality yoga pants are quite unflattering and of course awkward sometimes.  So it would be better not to go for cheap quality ones, or if gone should wear the best lingerie under your yoga pants.

It is not just about cheap quality yoga pants, the good quality ones also are culprits that reveal the visible panty lines to some extent which is also unflattering in appearance.  We perform an awful lot of yoga poses while doing yoga and bend, stretch, rotate what not every possible move whilst doing yoga.  So we must be careful in choosing the perfect lingerie to wear under yoga pants.  We are here today to share with you the best lingerie to be worn under yoga pants.

There are few lingerie collections that perfectly go well with yoga pants.  So read on to know what those are.

Active Wear Thongs

The visible panty line scenario occurs when the panty you wear under your yoga pant is quite large and thick.  Instead of going for thongs, which are not much useful to fulfill our mission “shielding” body without exposing, go for active wear thongs.  The normal thongs that are mostly preferred by women are not that perfect match for the yoga wear or workout wear and so you better choose active wear thongs.  Normal thongs are so very uncomfortable to wear as the very thin fabric is used to make them whereas the active wear thongs are unlike normal thongs and become our saviors to protect us from visible panty lines issue.

Even though you are wearing some tights still these active wear thongs work wonders in ensuring that our body parts breathe well.  There are many people who perform yoga, even in towns sometimes.  There are even chances that most of the town living people are unaware of the fact that there exists lingerie named active wear thongs.  There is nothing wrong in that, if you have not known then it is the time to know and at first, you may a bit conscious whilst wearing these thongs, but later you will feel comfortable on wearing them regularly whilst performing yoga. 

Boy Shorts

Women’s bum looks quite sexy no matter what.  After all, hips don’t lie.  It is very very important not to expose it oddly to the world whilst doing yoga.  Boy shorts are another form of yoga wear that fits the bill to be worn as yoga wear.  They are absolutely comfortable wear to wear whilst doing yoga and are best things to hide the bum.  As I said earlier, the intention of performing yoga is ultimate to maintain a good body and not expose or reveal private parts of our body to the world or wear uncomfortable clothes that divert your attention. 

The yoga pants are quite tight and do reveal the lingerie lines clearly, not just the lingerie, but also the parts of the body that are not meant to be revealed.  Boy shorts are pretty much unlike other lingerie that reveals private parts of the body.  They are so very comfortable to wear and to perform yoga.  As yoga includes poses that need to be done in different poses, the boy shorts try their best not to get revealed from the yoga pants.

Commando Underwear

Commando wear is very famous for their fanciful look.  Women love to fancy such wear and are great fans of them.  It is a brand that is loved by most of the people because of its quality as well as its fanciful looks.  These wear are named for their comfort they provide and are used by most of the yoga doers. 

Commando underwear has got this popularity because they word from word stick to the skin and there won’t be any visible panty lines that can be seen through the yoga pants no matter how cheap quality or thinnest yoga pants to wear.  These are quite unique wear compared to other wears we have discussed and are most adored by women for their fanciful look and comfort.

Built In

We do sweat out while performing yoga.  Few people don’t like to wear any sort of underwear under their yoga pants, but in order to absorb the sweat that gets out from the one body one has to wear clothes that absorb all the sweat.  So instead of just putting on simple yoga pants without any sort of underwear go for built in yoga pants where the underwear is built in.  As the underwear is built in there won’t be any visible panty lines to witness from the yoga pants. 

These are the stuff to be worn under yoga pants.  It would be a good idea to try out all that we have mentioned and choose the best wear that you are comfortable in. 

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