Different Hairdos For Different Hair Types

Different Hairdos For Different Hair Types

Women are beautiful and that is an undeniable truth.  Not all women are blessed with a beautiful, long, shiny, just black hair.  Women who are blessed with such a crowning glory can be considered as the women with a golden nugget of assets.  For women, hair is a factor of beauty asset.  There are different hair types and the type of the hair is mostly inherited from our bloodline.  There are more chances that the texture and health of the hair is dependent on the hereditary factor.

Even though you are born with a hair type that you have inherited from your bloodline, you can change it and style it using some techniques.  The world is advancing with jet speed and everything is available very much handy.  Even without moving a step, people are getting everything done just with their finger tips.  In such fast moving world changing the type of hair is not a big deal.  Not everyone girl likes to change the type of their hair, but for the sake of good looks, she would definitely love to try unique hairdos.

Different Hairdos For Different Hair Types

One has to know that, few hairdos go well for few hair types and few hairdos won’t go well with few hair types.  By skipping this basic concept, it is impossible to look beautiful.  There are particular hairdos that go absolutely well on few hair types.  So we are going to give you a detailed sketch about which hairdos go well with which hair types.

As hair is the most beautiful asset for women, there is a great need to take good care of it.  If you want to try the hairdo that suits your hair type, you first need to keep in mind the texture and volume of your hair.  A wrong hairdo for a wrong hair type would never look good or never receive any appreciation.

Which hair type is yours?

In order to find which hair type is yours you have to use a bit of your mind.

If your hair dries out within an hour after head bath you have thin hair and if your hair takes more time to dry, then your hair is thick.

In order to find out whether your strands are thick or thin take a piece of white paper and place a strand on the paper and observe.  If the strand is very much visible then your hair is thick, if it is difficult to notice the strand on the white paper then your hair is thin.

So find out by performing the above tests into which category your hair falls into.  If you are done with finding out your hair type then let us go for the next step.  Let us learn some tips about how to style the hair depending on your hairdo.

Fine hair

The attributes of fine hair are shiny, smooth, lifeless and thin looking.  They are of less volume and women with fine hair should go for short or medium hairdos.  You can go for short or middle length bob hairdos with layers, which will add volume to the hair.

You can fashion your thin hair by brushing with a big round brush, which adds volume to the roots of the hair.

Try to use best voluminizing products like hair gel with no side effects and tools like hair rollers to voluminize the hair.

Don’t let your hair grow long as it may reveal clearly that your hair is thin.  The more long it grows, the more thinly it looks.  In order to divert the attention from your fine looking hair, color your hair with different shades.  If you love long hairdos then go for lose braids or go for hairdos with bangs.

Semi thick hair

Women who have semi thick hair can be considered as lucky as they don’t fall into either thin category or in thick category and can try many different hairdos that neither thin haired people nor thick haired people can try.

Women with semi thick hair can try almost every hairdo.  The semi volume hair with support any hairdo without creating mess.

If you are taller in height then go for longer hairdos so that they go well with your personality.

Medium thick hair women can try both bobs and other shorter hairdos as they go absolutely well on medium hair.

Thick Hair

If you are women with thick hair then you will definitely be a head turner. Voluminous hair will cover the face if not styled properly.  So you need to choose hairdos that won’t disturb your face.

The best way to manage thick hair is to reduce its volume.

Go for geometrical and layered hairdos as they add mobility to the hair. As the hair is in layered style it would be very easy for you to style it with the help of a flat brush and a blow dryer

If your hair is voluminous then don’t go for straight bob hairdos as they may bepraise your look by giving a crown effect.

Try different long hairstyles and then straighten go for straightening using a straightener.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is not a type of hair that is very much seen compared to other hair types.  Even curly hair has look alike siblings.  It is way too difficult to handle a curly hair if it is voluminous along with being curly.  It is very difficult to style them into a unique hairstyle, but by taking few simple steps you can manage to give your curly hair a new look with new hairdo.

The best hairdo for curly hair type is that leave it as it is without further styling.

Go for hairdos that are short and are just to shoulder length.

Make sure to apply a fortifying mask every three days and styling mousse to let your curls give a less heavy look.

Don’t try any hair gels or tight braids as this may result in hair loss.

So these are the different hairdos for different hair types.  Know your right hair type and give the best suitable hairdo a try.








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