How To Bleach Black Hair To White

How To Bleach Black Hair To White

Got sick of dark colored hair?  Want to bleach it and give it a brand new color?  Then we are here to help you with the process.  Bleaching hair with different colors has been a fashion from years and is trending to date with ultimate enhancements in bleaching.  Most of you people would have been sick of looking the same color head of hair all the time.  If you are planning to color your tresses in best colors or just in white then you have a put a bit of effort.  It is no bad to try on new shades of hair colors and bleaches to change the hair colors to bright and light as you wish.  It is a process that includes patience, but will boost you to the crux when you see the final look after bleaching your dark colored hair. 

How To Bleach Black Hair To White

Bleaching hair is not a small decision to make.  It is a decision that holds a great significance.  This is because it plays hard on hair.  It is not just time taking, but also hair taking.  You have to put your hair at stake while going through the process of bleaching.  Before going to it make sure you have the best healthiest hair and is moisturized with good conditioners and hair masks.  If you are ready to give your time post-bleaching too to take good care of hair, only then give it a try. 

The darker your hair is the more difficult it is to bleach it and color it.  It is far easy to color light colored hair compared to dark colored hair.  Bleaching with chemical filled products that are available in the market may badly damage your hair from the roots to the tip.  So instead, we have come up with the natural way of bleaching the hair, which includes no use of chemicals. 

How to Bleach Black Hair?

As I said earlier, bleaching is a time taking a process that needs patience, so fill yourself with lots of patience.  There is a misconception that holds significance among the people till date, which says that bleaching black hair is equal to coloring your hair, but it holds no significance now.  This is because of the darker you hair, the number of sessions you have to sit in order to make it light. For example, if your hair is black and you want to bleach it to blonde, then in the first application of bleach it turns into brassy orange and it takes few more sittings to get blonde color hair.

Even before scheduling for hair bleach make sure to consult a hair stylist to know the status of your hair.  React as per your stylists’ advice.  No matter how expensive and how natural bleaching product you use, it would damn surely leave your tresses damaged.  So it would be better to take a pro advice before going for it.  If you receive a green signal from your stylist then get ready to put your max time into your hair post-bleach.  Go for weekly hair conditioning treatments and hot oils treatments to set your bleached hair perfect. 

How to Bleach Black Hair At Home

These days’ people are turning into pros and doing everything by themselves.  If you are a pro and want to DIY, then we are here to help you with it.  In order to DIY, you must have few things handy.  Let us see what they are.

Things needed to bleach the hair

Bleach Powder and Developer

The first thing you need to bleach your hair is obviously bleached powder.  Choose the best bleach that is available in the market depending on the reviews.  Keep in the mind the volume of your hair and how many sittings you will need to have in order to get the color you have wished for.  Make certain the bleach is enough to complete all the sittings.  Choose 10 or 20-volume developer to limit the hair damage. 

Hair Dye Brush, Mixing Bowl, and Gloves

It is too obvious that you need a mixing bowl, a hair dye brush to mix and apply the bleach, and gloves to protect your hands.


If your intention is to bleach your hair to blonde, then you have to use a toner.  A toner sets perfectly the nice blonde without any brassy tint. 

The process of Bleaching

First, apply lots of coconut oil to your hair and let the ends of your hair saturate with oil.  Let it sit on your hair for one hour.  This would help reduce the damage to be caused by bleach. 

Mix correct amounts of bleach and developer and do a test strip on the hair before applying on the head of hair.  Let it sit on the hair for some time and rinse it off to witness the results.  If you witness the right color you are dreaming of then go for it.  Else do some changes to the mix.

Divide the hair into different sections and apply bleach.  Do it with utmost care and keep your whole concentration on putting the bleach.

When the time is up, wash off your hair thoroughly and use a deep conditioning mask to bring back the lost luster into your hair.

Natural way to lighten your hair

There is no such natural bleach that helps in lightening the hair color.  Even though there are few ingredients that work, nothing can work effectively as the chemical filled bleachers available in the market, but still if you want to lighten the color of your tresses lightly then we have a simple tip.  You can make use of lemon juice to do the work.  Take two to three lemons and squeeze out the juice from them.  Store the juice in a spray bottle and spray it onto your hair like a coat.  Stand in the sun for half an hour.  Both the lemon juice and the sun will help to lighten your hair.  In order to see best results repeat this process three times a week.

So when are you planning to bleach your hair?  Whenever it is, make certain to consult a hair stylist before going for it.  Happy bleaching!!!







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