What are the different hair accessories for long hair

What are the different hair accessories for long hair

Blessed is the woman with long layered hair. Let’s coin a new adage – “Long hair never goes out of vogue”. People of any age group; youngest to eldest in your closest coterie to first – met outsiders would love to watch your long hair. Be bold enough to cascade that beautiful long - layered hair down your shoulders loose. Sounds charming! Then go on safeguarding that long hair, affix the right fashion accessory at the right place to add more magnificence to it.

Glamour glitterati recommend you to understand many things about the look of your hair; to be precise, the texture, color of hair, and your skin – complexion, your height and the never ending list of other features of your own self before you decide on that unique and exclusively made for you kind of accessory that matches and locks the looks of people on your entire self. The fashion market is flooded with clips to clamps. An off beam accessory might mess up your entire look. Be wary to wear the accurate accessory. Here are some instant instructions or quick –fix tips for you to fortify your style.

What are the different hair accessories for long hair

The very instant thought of hair accessories makes you nostalgic and throws you back to your school days. Disappeared are the days when we think of women core netting their hair with daisies, roses, jasmines or all different fonts of flora and fauna around their heads. Your school days ribbons, college days bows, a mish-mash of meshes after marriage or one’s age – dictating hair – do – paraphernalia - oh, Boy! Gone are those days. The new cult has come. One should open one’s eyes and must watch this new lineage of glamor world level up oneself to the occasion, may it be a road ramp walk to the Oscar world walk.              

1. Hairband

There is no dearth of a wide range of hair bands seen in the fashion market today inter alia; enmeshed or embroiled hair bands in different materials with warp and weft of spectacular colors and designs. These are always well preferred by all even with simplest haircuts.    These hair bands studded with diamonds and pearls are eye-feasting informal functions and weddings. For women with layered haircuts, these hair bands can easily give a grace of one’s facelift.  As has been mentioned before, your physique matters a lot, such as the width of your head, in your deciding on wearing a right-hand band. A word of caution for the people who would need to wear headbands for too many long of hours is susceptible to headaches.   

2. Barrettes

To keep your long layered hair shipshape or uncluttered using barrettes is a fabulous idea. You can find uncountable shades and shapes of these barrettes that are made of wood or plastic, appropriate to your outfits make you look outstanding and up to date. So, it’s worth understanding that these accessories are worn not only for a specific purpose i.e., to make your long layered hair not getting messy but also it gives you a picturesque and presentable look. 

3. Brooches and Jewel Pins

During many significant events or sensational occasions, it is not atypical for us to watch the women - cynosures or big shots keep on adjusting their hair falling them onto their faces frequently. Their entire focus lies on hair and turns to be spoilsports.  Brooches and Jewel Pins are the boons for such people. These garnishings give a grandeur look and scintillate your style.       

4. Bobby pin

Bobby pins are not new to us. But thanks to the think tanks in fashion market as they spilled in many formations even in these long-known bobby pins. These pins are oft used as hair fasteners to keep you prime than to say pretty. It works like a rescuer, helps your escaping hair intact and makes you look tidy. So add bobby pins in your hairstyle accessory box, buy them selectively, suitable to your dress. Now, not a surprise even if you find these pins flecked with pearls or other jewels that jell well with your outfit or hair color so as to discreetly hold up your hair style.     

5. Ribbons

The single-colored ribbons those school going girls used to use long ago are also long gone out of the market. Now there are lots of ribbons in all sizes, shapes, shades with riveting colors and models. A facile or user-friendly ribbon can be used to twist it around a bun for any occasion, plait it through your hair or simply use it as a hair band.  Customize your hair style with custom cut ribbons.

6. Hair Ties

Get a cool look for any party that you are planning to go out any day simply by using a hair tie. In the fashion, market hair ties are popularly known to have been considered as “Fashion Quotients”. Popularly these are used almost just like fasteners to keep hair from falling on the face and still keep the layers of your hair gorgeous. You can customize this garnishing to match your dress you are wearing that day. Celebs also use polka dotted hair ties, laces, or any other material they can think of matching their dresses.   

7. Fasteners

Fasteners are good friends of long layered hair women. Hardly can we find any fashion store without these fasteners. They come in metallic or plastic with many attractive, adorable colors and shapes. The good thing about these fasteners is that they can be used for any hair style.

8. Flowers

Fresh flowers used as hair accessories - differ from culture to culture across the world. Many times, they are seasonal as well. But flowers are well adorned and accepted as hair accessories since centuries. For any particular or special occasion or ritual, streaking one’s hair with relevant seasonal flowers has been a common sight even today in many parts of the world. Flowers such as roses, jasmines or any other indigenous flowers are being used as hair garnishers. They not only prettify the hair but also embellish your persona.  

9. Long Hair Extensions

If you would want to make your hair look fuller, puffier or making your hair looks longer or billowy – mull over using long hair extensions. Many clip-on versions are there for you in the market. They instantly glam up your hairdo. These long hair extensions help you add volume to your hair coupled with “Style Quotient”. Besides, using these accessories it beautifies your hair if you add some streaks of highlight matching your en masse.







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