Heat less Curls With The Help Of Headband

Heat less Curls With The Help Of Headband

Who doesn't love curly hair?  Even though it is a bit difficult to handle, it is still the cutest hair type to date.  Fortunate are those who are born with curly and wavy hair.  The words of being fortunate to get curly hair are said in olden days when there are no curling tools invented, but now there are many curling tools that use heat techniques to curl the hair perfectly.  The unfortunate thing about these curling tools is they are not that good for hair.  Our hair is very sensitive and gets affected very quickly.  The application of heat in order to curl the hair every now and then damages the hair and thus leaves the hair lifeless. 

Heatless Curls With The Help Of Headband

Other than using curling tools, there are other ways to curl the hair.  These ways of curling the hair won’t cause any damage to the hair and so you can blindly use these techniques to curl your hair. 

Out of all the different non-heat techniques to curl the hair, the most used and most effective technique is using a headband.  You can get beautiful curls overnight with the help of using headbands technique. 

We are here today with this article to make aware of lovely readers with this heatless curling technique.  Keep reading to know what is there in the store for your hair.

The curling techniques we are going to share with you today are so very easy to implement and you no need to spend your precious time on setting your hairstyle all the time.  These are bedtime techniques so that you no need to sit straight and follow rules in order to get your hair curly.  There you go!!!

Headband curls

It is the easiest method to get curly hair.  There won’t be any damage to your hair with the use of this technique.  Whenever you plant to curl your hair make sure you wash your hair with the best shampoo at hand.  Wash off your hair neatly beforehand i.e., if you have plans to sit for this technique today night then you have to wash your hair the same day morning or in the evening.  Use a fresh and water absorbing towel to dry your hair.  Wet hair will create havoc and won’t let you go through this method so easily.  So make sure to dry your hair before performing this technique on your hair.  You no need to have a semi curly hair to get perfect curls.  Even though your hair is strictly straight you can get perfect curls with the use of this a proper headband.  You will soft waves and curls with the help of headband.

Go get a headband that holds your head of hair perfectly.  Add some mousse to damp hair and place the headband right across your forehead.  Now, start with the ear locks.  Take some tresses from the front side of the hair and wrap the hair around the headband.  Wrap the hair around the headband until no hair is left.  Repeat the same process for the entire head of hair by taking strips of hair and wrapping it around the headband until no hair is left loose. 

The process would be more effective if you twist the hair and then wrap it around the headband.  Without letting the strands unwrap and get out of the headband make sure to pin them with the help of bobby pins.  In the morning, undo the process you have done in the night.  Take the bobby pins out and slowly unwrap the curls from the headband.  As a final touch spray your hair with a good hairspray, which sets the curly hair perfectly for a long time.

This is one of the best heatless techniques of the present time.  There are few other effectively working heatless techniques that are like siblings to the headband technique.  We have given you a brief note of those heatless techniques right down in this article.  Keep reading to know what they are.

Rag curls

Take an old T-shirt and cut it into small strips.  Take some thin section of hair, take one strip, and start rolling the hair from the ends of the hair to the roots.  Tie the ends of the strip together tightly to so that the hair won’t fall loose.  Repeat the same process by taking some other section of hair.  Do the same process until all the head of hair is rolled up using strips and tied up.  As the strips are cut out of T-shirt they are soft enough and won’t cause any sort of disturbance or irritation during sleep.  The next day morning slowly untie the strips and roll down the hair sections to see perfect curls.  Add some hairspray to set the curls for a long time.

Pin curls

This is yet another simple method to curl your hair.  All you need to have to perform this method is lots of bobby pins depending on your hair volume.  The more volume your hair is the more pins you will need.  If you are handy with your bobby pins then you can start the procedure right away.  Take some section of hair and start rounding it in a plain circular direction until the hair comes to the end and then pin it with the help of a bobby pin.  Repeat the same process with all the head of hair and pin down the hair perfectly.  In the next morning remove the bobby pins to witness your beautiful curls.  Spray a hairspray to place the curls perfect for a long time.

Sponge rollers

We normally use rollers to create a voluminous effect to the hair.  This time, we are using it to give curl effect to the hair.  First, divide your hair into different sections and then use one sponge roller for one section.  Roll the section of hair using a roller from ends of the hair to the scalp and then clip the roller.  When you wake up in the morning, remove the rollers and comb down the curls with the help of your fingers.  Use a hairspray to set the curls for a long time. 

These are the heatless curling techniques that you can try on your hair for perfect curls.  Even though they are not pictured perfectly curly, they look curly to max extent.  So give them a try and get new wavy and curly hair with overnight effort.







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